Sayan Chakraborty

Sayan is a mechanical engineer turned content writer. A part-time dog trainer and a full-time writer, Sayan has a special knack for weaving intriguing stories from factual and technical data. A true content aficionado with the ability to simplify complex content into layman's words. With more than a year of in-house experience curating and managing content for multiple NFT and blockchain projects, this talented wordsmith is now solely dedicated to publicizing information about Web3 and Metaverse domains and their ability to reshape the digital universe. When he is not writing, you would find him playing with his pet dog Kalu or skipping his leg days at the gym.

CoinBharat artwork of an Indian woman with a Shiba Inu dog at a futuristic crypto convention

Could Shiba Inu (SHIB) Make It Back to $0.0001 Following Shibarium’s L2 Launch?

Sayan Chakraborty - 21/08/2023

Following the Shibarium L2 network's technical hiccups, Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency witnessed a notable dip in price and ...

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Beautiful woman with Shiba Inu dog buying Dogecoin - CoinBharat artwork

Dogecoin Drops 30% Over 4 Days | Trends, Analysis, and Projections

Sayan Chakraborty - 19/08/2023

Dogecoin's recent market behaviour indicates shifts in investor sentiment and address growth patterns. This detailed review p...

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ChatGPT Investing

ChatGPT’s Remarkable Performance in Stock Selection and Execution

Sayan Chakraborty - 17/05/2023

In a stunning display, ChatGPT, the recent famous artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, has surpassed some of the most pop...

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Nvidia AI

Nvidia’s Cutting-Edge Technology and the Road Ahead

Sayan Chakraborty - 17/05/2023

Nvidia stands as an indispensable force, having invested early in the potential of AI even before it became a widespread tren...

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6 Reasons Why Bitcoin’s Price Could Shift Dramatically Soon

Sayan Chakraborty - 06/05/2023

To make informed decisions about cryptocurrency, investors need to understand the factors that can cause Bitcoin's value to r...

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