Our Values

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One of the most beautiful aspects of the growing digital ecosystem is that, given how it unites irregardless of geography, it has grown into a deeply values-driven community of communities. CoinBharat is proud to note that its team holds the values of honesty and inclusion very close to heart.

We see that financial education, especially in the context of a growing but very new middle class as can be seen in the Indian subcontinent, is critical in allowing this burgeoning class of hard-working and shrewd retail investors to maintain and protect their wealth from currency shocks and high inflationary environment. To that end, the goal to provide the Indian people with a digital toolbox to find their path on the road to financial safety and even freedom is the guiding principle and vision behind what we do.

Another value we hold deeply close to heart is that of honesty. The global financial market, both TradFi and DeFi, is complex and multifaceted. Always in flux, we will not state that we somehow know the only 100% foolproof path to endless growth. We will simply present our users with digestible, clear, readable and honest information about the assets in question and allow said users to come to a decision on whether said investors would like to include them within their own portfolio. We respect our users and treat them as they should be treated; as honest investors who would like to learn more about both age-old and brand-new ways to profit from an ever-changing world.