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CoinBharat represents a drive to equip the Indian people – whether at home or among expat communities abroad – with the knowledge to gain, grow and maintain their wealth. Launched on the 19th of October 2022, CoinBharat is India’s very first all-encompassing financial educational platform and broker review site, taking the time to extensively verify the many crypto, stocks and NFT exchanges on the market in order to single out the most reliable, compliant, trustworthy, user-friendly and overall safest options for those seeking to get started with trading or those who wish to take their investments to the next level. With India’s economic growth and rapid digitisation unlocking more opportunities for an ever-growing demographic to better their standard of living through education and wise investment, the team behind CoinBharat strive to ensure that this ever widening opportunity does not go to waste and that eager investors find a handy digital toolkit to guide their hand at locating the most trustworthy brokers, exchanges and assets. 

Whether in India or among expat communities in the United States, our team of crypto experts and seasoned financial advisors are on a mission to render the most valuable financial advice to all Indians looking to make the right choices with their hard earned money.

Covering both traditional investing in the form of stocks and commodities (for those looking to buy gold online, or for new pathfinders who wish to beat everyone else by investing in water, or customers who wish to know more about how to buy silver) as well as exciting new areas such as NFTs and DeFi, CoinBharat hosts both handy guides at informed investing as well as step-by-step guides to creating a brokerage account, buying crypto, storing your tokens safely either online or offline and even showing you how cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can spearhead your portfolio to ever-greater heights by automating trading at speeds rates and accuracy levels in predicting market trends that would have been entirely unfathomable merely a few years ago. Believing in the potential of both traditional forms of investments and DeFi, we strove to balance our advice in order to cover as many different investing styles and preferences as possible in order to ensure that our broad and diverse body of clients and readers will be able to find the information that would best suit their own investing philosophy while guiding new investors and showing them the options available to them should they decide to embark on their own financial journey.

Ultimately, we recognize that the contemporary age is possibly the most difficult one to preserve wealth in for a newly consolidating middle-class and plan to do something about it. In an era of high inflation, endemic scam-artists and chaotic global markets, we strive to ensure that CoinBharat serves as a compass and a guide for both experienced investors and novice but ambitious traders to cut a course towards financial freedom.

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