Our Mission

crypto trading robot in India - artistic representation in anthropomorphised female formWe are living in possibly the most interconnected era in history with the entire store of human knowledge practically at our fingertips due to the wonders of the Digital Revolution. This being said, wealth disparity and inflationary pressures have created an almost static culture of haves and have-nots. One of the most critical reasons for this disparity is the consolidation of something possibly even more important than capital: knowledge

The average Indian now has access to a variety of ways to acquire, grow and maintain his wealth through the power of the internet and the access it gives them to assets such as stocks, ETFs, crypto and NFTs. The ability to acquire, hold and trade these assets have created vast sums of wealth when done correctly and responsibly through both classical methods such as technical analysis as well as new and cutting-edge tactics such as AI-backed trading. At our core, we believe that the ability to not only survive inflation but thrive in any economic environment should not be siloed and kept in the hands of a select elite of market manipulators with the Great Financial Crash of the early 2000’s being testament to why it shouldn’t.  

Therefore, the CoinBharat team sought to create an investing toolbox and guide to help the growing Indian middle class use and enhance their hard-earned wealth through the power of financial education. With the ongoing digitisation of the Indian economy as well as its growing demographic of entrepreneurs, business owners, financial experts and retail investors, we believe that now is the best time to lay the foundation for a fiscally educated population spearheading the future of the country.