India’s Top 3 NFT Artists You Want To Know About3-min read

Sanika Bane

Sanika Bane |  Updated on 01/12/2022

The popularity of NFT marketplaces representing digital artworks and collectibles has skyrocketed in recent months. When top artist Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million, it sent shockwaves through the NFT industry, as did the $3 million sale of a photograph depicting the first tweet by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. While NFTs have been around since 2012, it’s only in the last few years that they’ve begun to see widespread use.

The growing interest in NFTs on the Indian subcontinent in 2022 demonstrates the technology’s promising future for the arts and other industries. The best way to get up to speed on the industry is to study the leading NFT artists in India’s current market. In this article, we have done the research and legwork necessary to spotlight some of the most exciting newfound talents in the Indian NFT space.

#1 Sneha Chakraborty

Sneha Chakraborty NFT

“Breathing Magic” by Sneha Chakraborty

Sneha Chakraborty has embarked on a journey across India to paint murals and spread the message of mental health positivity. Her artworks have been showcased in a number of art shows. As the founder of the art community Let’s Bee Canvas, which focuses on improving mental health, Chakraborty has also led over 200 art therapy workshops and painted over a hundred murals in India.

#2 Khyati Trehan

Khyati Trehan NFT

Khyati Trehan’s cover on Forbes

For the Oscars, the New York Times, Apple, Google, and Instagram, Khyati has worked across disciplines, drawing inspiration from the context of the work and often exploring the edges of all things visual. After being recognised as one of Print Magazine’s 15 New Visual Artists under 30 in 2017, Khyati went on to take home the ADC Young Guns 19 award and land a spot on Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 list.

#3 Prasad Bhat

Prasad Bhat NFT

Prasad Bhat also is a massive internet personality with millions of viewers

Artist Prasad Bhat is well-known for his one-of-a-kind portrayals of people’s faces in his digital illustrations. Some of his GIFs gained widespread attention, being shared on social media and featured in print publications like GQ, Bored Panda, and even the Rolling Stones. He has collaborated with companies like Disney, Amazon, HotStar, and countless others all over the world to create ground-breaking artwork.