Sanika Bane

Sanika is an independent content writer, social media strategist, and consultant with more than three years of Web3 industry experience. Her staunch belief in decentralized evolution has enabled her to weave expert content across numerous Web3 verticals, including cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs. Her career timeline involves working for a variety of Blockchain + media publications and companies around the world. Sanika's natural entrepreneurial instincts fuse well with her passion for the Metaverse, reading about technologies, and dyeing her hair (an awful lot). She is an expert at influencing her audience's perceptions and actions through captivating storytelling. Doubt it? Follow her on Twitter and Medium at @SanikaCrypto to see her in action.

Bitcoin Revolution logo

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Sanika Bane - 02/02/2023

Bitcoin Revolution is the only bot on the market with the capability to carry out several trades simultaneously, within the s...

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TeslaCoin robot

TeslaCoin Review

Sanika Bane - 02/02/2023

TeslaCoin is one of most reputable automated trading algorithms, making use of technology used by the world's elite hedge fun...

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shiba inu

WazirX’s PoR and India’s Fascination with Memecoins

Sanika Bane - 23/01/2023

It's no longer a mystery that meme coins have taken India by storm. WazirX, India's most prominent cryptocurrency exchange, h...

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Microsoft’s ‘$10B Investment’ in ChatGPT Parent OpenAI Sends AI-Based Altcoins to New Heights

Sanika Bane - 14/01/2023

AI-Altcoins have been on a rapid rise in recent weeks. Many believe it stems from Microsoft's alleged $10 billion investment ...

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Top 5 Most-Searched Cryptocurrencies of 2022

Sanika Bane - 27/12/2022

For the crypto industry, 2022 was a missed opportunity with the hawkish stance taken by the Federal Reserve and the collapse ...

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