Sanika Bane

Sanika is an independent content writer, social media strategist, and consultant with more than three years of Web3 industry experience. Her staunch belief in decentralized evolution has enabled her to weave expert content across numerous Web3 verticals, including cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs. Her career timeline involves working for a variety of Blockchain + media publications and companies around the world. Sanika's natural entrepreneurial instincts fuse well with her passion for the Metaverse, reading about technologies, and dyeing her hair (an awful lot). She is an expert at influencing her audience's perceptions and actions through captivating storytelling. Doubt it? Follow her on Twitter and Medium at @SanikaCrypto to see her in action.

CoinBharat artwork of crypto surging amidst Indian voting in 2024

Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin Approaches $70,000 as India Tallies Votes

Sanika Bane - 04/06/2024

As India counts votes for its general elections, Bitcoin is approaching the $70,000 mark, driven by favorable US inflation da...

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CoinBharat artwork of a beautiful Indian woman at a US hearing

SEC Heightens Scrutiny on Crypto Exchanges and DeFi Platforms

Sanika Bane - 20/09/2023

The US SEC is ramping up its regulatory actions against notable cryptocurrency exchanges and DeFi platforms, signalling a per...

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CoinBharat artwork of a beautiful Indian woman working on GPU hardware in a futuristic setting

Nvidia Capitalises on the AI Revolution: A Financial Triumph for the Tech Titan

Sanika Bane - 24/08/2023

Nvidia, a frontrunner in graphics technology, showcases stellar financial growth, underscoring the company's dominant role in...

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CoinBharat artwork of an Indian woman with goddess-like features wielding Bitcoin tokens

BlackRock’s Groundbreaking Bitcoin ETF: Ushering in a $2 Trillion Crypto Market Era

Sanika Bane - 13/07/2023

BlackRock's proposed Bitcoin ETF represents a significant shift, potentially facilitating institutional investment in cryptoc...

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CoinBharat artwork of a beautiful human-robot android

AI Stocks Are Soaring: Three Stocks to Buy Before They Blow Up

Sanika Bane - 02/07/2023

As we the new AI rush reaches a new milestone, these are the 3 best stocks to buy to generate substantial returns in no-time....

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