India’s First-ever Full-fledged Physical NFT Gallery & Cafe Opens in Bangalore3-mins read

Sayan Chakraborty

Sayan Chakraborty |  Updated on 06/2/2023

SOCIAL, the brand known for its innovative outlets, has just opened a new outlet in New BEL Road that takes the concept of art, technology, and music to new heights. This latest outlet features India’s first full-time physical NFT (non-fungible token) gallery, providing a platform for artists to showcase their work, connect with each other, and get discovered.

The New BEL Road outlet serves as an introduction to the world of Web3 for SOCIAL and aims to raise awareness and educate people about decentralized art. The NFT gallery, curated monthly by artists like Angad B Sodhi, will feature works from Bangalore-based artists like Prasad Bhat, Dr Wafu, and AB Verse. Customers can admire the art on digital screens and even purchase the pieces they love. The space has been designed as a physical home for digital subcultures, where artists, creators, and entrepreneurs can thrive and coexist with the classic SOCIAL experience.

Bangalore skyline at night

Is Bangalore leading the charge in India’s Web3 ecosystem?

The interiors are inspired by the brand’s work and play nature, with temporary structures, projections, strategic lighting, and greenery. The space is layered with a monolithic shell and raw paint finishes, and features a defining scaffolding with pops of fluorescent green lights that serve a structural and functional purpose. By day, the warm earthy tones create a cozy work environment, and by night, it transforms into a multidimensional experience.

Along with a delightful menu of crowd-pleasers like Fully Loaded Nachos, Gunpowder Baby Potatoes, Fish Tacos, Epic Lunch Thalis and Biryanis, this digital-first outlet also features an automated online ordering system for dine-in and delivery orders with minimal human interaction. And for creatives and entrepreneurs, the work space provides a creatively charged setting to unleash their artistry.

Speaking about this first-of-its-kind phygital outlet, CEO of Impresario Handmade Restaurants, Mayank Bhatt, voiced, “SOCIAL has always been a home for artists, and NFT art is a great way to give creators their due recognition. We believe in the potential of this space and that the evolution of digital art in India is just getting started. Our goal is to provide digital artists a place to be seen and share their unique perspectives.”

Equally excited about the launch, Ranveer Sabhani, Business Head of South India at Impresario Handmade Restaurants, expressed,

“Bangalore has always been a big market for us. Church Street SOCIAL being our first-ever arlet to feature some of the best NFT artworks. And now New BEL Road SOCIAL, we will take things a step further. Our aim is to educate and nurture people passionate about NFT art, and create a close-knit community through ongoing events. Having said that, we will continue to usher this outlet as a safe haven for enthusiasts, communities, and businesses to engage and grow. I’m confident that New BEL Road SOCIAL will be something special that Bangalore will adore.”