Powered by quantum computing, this bot boasts profits of up to $1,500 within hours

Quantum AI is a socially-conscious stock, forex and crypto trading bot, donating a part of all revenue to charities aiding the impoverished, with a highly intuitive dashboard that lets all users quickly maximise profits

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Prateek Arora

Prateek Arora |  Updated on 03/5/2023

The post-pandemic financial landscape of the world has been defined by volatility. Inflation is rising, the fed rate hike is intermittent and crypto trading has become incredibly volatile. As both traditional financial instruments and more modern digital assets fluctuate wildly in terms of value, the need for automated tools such as trading bots have never been more pertinent.

Trading bots are automated trading tools that check the market, assess the risk and execute trades based on the trader’s strategies. Every second counts when the market is this chaotic with trading bots helping traders make the right marketing moves at the given moment to make gains even during bear markets.

Quantum Ai is a trading bot that, according to the official website, exists to make it easier for traders to understand financial instruments including commodities, derivatives, mutual funds and cryptocurrencies. Underpinning the features is an idea to teach novice traders the ropes of trading – which is why this trading bot is also available on all mobile devices. This review touches upon the various features of this platform, the underlying technology used, the pricing model, and how palatable the interface is for beginners. Unlike traditional trading bots, Quantum AI is powered by quantum computing, allowing it to carry out more trades than traditional bots and generate quicker profits for its customers.

Quantum AI Review

Quantum AI Review

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  • list bullet Users can automate their stock, forex and commodities trading
  • list bullet Features integrated Data Analysis and Risk Assessment tools in order to avert high-risk trades.
  • list bullet Easy to navigate with a wide array of trading preferences its users can automate.


  • list bullet As it is mostly known for forex and stock trading, Quantum AI is limited to only three cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.


The entire market is volatile and people need to be able to make quick decisions and react decisively to price changes to make the most gains – that’s where Quantum AI steps in to offer high-quality automated trading services for the following utilities.

Cryptocurrencies Trading

Quantum AI offers high-quality crypto trading services to all interested clients. The cryptocurrency market is particularly volatile and a lot of technical know-how needs to be there before the trading procedure. Therefore, the trading bot keeps a sharp eye on market trends and offers suggestions based on investors using leading strategies to win profits even if the market is going through a bearish trend. The platform supports three cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

Stocks Trading Facilities

Those wanting to invest in traditional stocks can also use Quantum AI’s trading utilities. The platform has a superior algorithm that offers a high level of risk prediction and investors can use information about the expected risks before investing. Quantum AI goes beyond supplying traditional trading utilities for stock trading services; it also offers multiple study materials that investors can study before investing.

Forex Trading

Quantum AI also offers forex trading facilities. The international market for exchanging national exchanges has gone through a major shift due to ongoing geopolitical chaos, especially as central banks resort to interest rate manipulation to try to position themselves out of a looming recession. Many monumental occurrences have made it necessary for all traders to shift their trading methodologies. Most of them are now looking for services provided by trading bots like Quantum AI to make gains from the rapid changes in the market. Quantum AI offers real-time foreign exchange analysis and a personal account manager to help traders decide the best time to make trades.

Other Commodities Trading

For traders who are purveyors of precious metals or oils, Quantum AI’s “other commodities” sections offer a lot of utilities. The platform has everything that a trader needs to make trades before getting started. That said, the platform does recommend that traders “do their homework” before investing since even static assets like oils and gold have seen their fair share of volatility in the current market.

A Better and More Intuitive Interface

Quantum AI has an intuitive interface with which a trader doesn’t run the risk of feeling lost in menus and tickets. The trading bot service provider also offers an account manager – or broker – that will help them interact with the stocks, cryptocurrencies and the foreign exchange market. Quantum AI acts as a buffer in this case, simplifying the communication between the trader and the account manager, removing ambiguity, and letting the trades happen smoothly.

Complete Control Over Trading

With Quantum AI’s intuitive interface, traders have complete control of trading, and the facilities supplied ensure that users can trade without any hassle. Furthermore, reaching out to the experts is also easy – only filling out the contact form is necessary, and the customer support representatives will reach out at a time. The onboard analytical tools such as moving averages, Fib retracement levels, and price charts help traders look at that market logically and then make trade decisions.

quantum AI user-intuitive dashboard


Quantum AI is a trading bot powered by artificial intelligence, making it easier for users to react actively to constant market changes and trade. It is only possible because of the sophisticated underlying codes and a team of developers implementing the following technologies.

  1. Data Analysis – The upper layer of tech that Quantum AI uses is the data analysis tool. This module is used to check the market and capture the price movements of assets. The bots store and then analyze the information to take the next step.
  2. Price Risk assessment – The accumulated data is then fed to the AI, highlighting the associated market risks. Then, it suggests to users which asset to invest in.
  3. Buy and Sell – The decisive step is to execute trades based on the pre-determined strategies designed by the traders.

Quantum AI’s implementation of the predictive algorithm is not new. Billion-dollar organizations like BlackRock use tools like Aladdin to do basically the same thing in the realm of traditional finance. The tool has been known to predict the price movement of an asset. Other tools of the same nature are Kloud Gin, Tenna, and others.

That said, it is important for traders that as soon as automated trading tools become popular among standard customers, everyone will come out as a winner when trading – which means that latecomers would have a smaller part of the profits. That is why getting into such projects early is important to get the most profits.

Setting Up a Quantum AI Account

There are four steps to creating a Quantum AI account

Step 1 – Create an Account

The first step is to create an account on Quantum AI, a process that initially doesn’t require anything more than an email address and a phone number. The account manager from the platform will then reach out to the trader to guide them and give them credentials to start trading.

Step 2 – Set up the Account

Set up the account according to the instructions given by the account manager. Many of the tasks concerning account creation will be the account manager’s job. However, selecting the required tools will be the responsibility of the trader.

Step 3 – Deposit and Start Trading

Traders need to deposit at least $250 to start trading. However, beginners can start interacting with a demo account free of cost, where they can learn the basics of trading on a paper trading module.

Pricing Model

The official website states that trading on Quantum AI is free. However, the platform does charge a small commission on profit. However, the platform is unclear about how much this commission would entail. It is highly likely that the type of asset would determine the commission. That said, the deposit fee, withdrawal fee, subscription fee, account fee, and software fee are zero.

Trading Strategies

Quantum AI implements four strategies to generate wealth for traders.

  1. Automated trading tools that allow users to automate their trades without needing to watch the markets all the time.
  2. Arbitrage trading allows users to generate profits in terms of a price difference as they buy assets from one trading platform and sell them to another.
  3. News Trading keeps users updated about the latest news articles concerning the assets.
  4. Price Trend Analysis by supplying tools like the trading view

Quantum AI – Security and User Interface

Is Quantum AI Secure?

Yes, Quantum AI is a secure trading bot that has never been hacked and whose security features are lauded by multiple exchanges. That said, there are many phishing links run by scammers who claim that they are from Quantum AI, which is why traders must check the link thoroughly before investing.

Another positive point is Quantum’s associated trading platforms through which it provides trading services. All of them are good at securing a customer’s assets and details. Note that these entities are the ones that hold customer details.

Is Quantum AI User-friendly?

Yes, Quantum AI is user-friendly. All the features of this platform can be interacted with easily, and traders can withdraw their profits easily.

Quantum AI donates to charities alleviating poverty

Are Crypto Trading Bots Regulated?

Cryptocurrency isn’t a regulated asset class in most countries around the globe – and the same goes for tools associated with it, including Quantum AI. That said, profits generated from crypto trading come under capital gains tax that users must pay and file in their returns.

How Was Quantum AI Trading Bot?

We ran a thorough assessment of Quantum AI by searching for testimonials from across the world from users and reputable platforms claiming to have signed up for it, talking to the account manager, and comprehensively scrutinising this platform’s aspects. Writers have taken this approach to assess this website to ensure that it is not a scam. Quantum AI has thus gathered the highest aggregate score as a seemingly legitimate trading bot with many perks.

Socially-Conscious Trading Bot

Quantum AI is also known for its charitable contributions to several organisations fighting poverty across the world, making it one of the few socially-conscious AI. From the commission charged exclusively on profits derived from original deposits from its NDCs, Quantum AI has donated sums which have provided indispensable support to local NGOs in the developing world.

Is Quantum AI a Scam?

Quantum AI has been reviewed by several platforms as a legitimate and innovative cryptocurrency trading platform that offers numerous features to its users. The bot boasts customisation options that allow traders to tailor their strategies according to their risk tolerance and goals. Backtesting and demo trading are additional tools that make it easier to optimize trading strategies before entering a live trading environment. With excellent customer service and SSL encryption to protect user information, the platform is a top choice for both amateur and experienced traders.

Invest Responsibly

While Quantum AI makes it easy to trade, it is a trading bot for crypto trading platforms and other assets. Currently, the market is extremely volatile due to rising inflation and other global economic factors. Therefore, we recommend that traders assess their risk tolerance properly before investing.

Recent Updates

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Quantum AI is one of the best trading bots today and has a simple AI that anyone can use. It supports only three cryptocurrencies now, but they all are high-cap tokens with the market’s trust.

Using Quantum AI is beneficial since it can generate profits even during adverse market conditions. That said, investors must look at their risk tolerance before using this platform and assess their expectations as well – Quantum AI is a great trading bot with a 90% success rate even if the other 10% should be taken into consideration as well.

Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Always exercise caution with automated bots as they are a new technology that remains unregulated. Always carry out research before investing. Reviews are the subjective opinion of their writers and remain entirely speculative, they are not financial advice for investing and should not be a substitute for your own research on the matter. Carry out your own due diligence.

Quantum AI Review

Quantum AI Review

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  • list bullet Users can automate their stock, forex and commodities trading
  • list bullet Features integrated Data Analysis and Risk Assessment tools in order to avert high-risk trades.
  • list bullet Easy to navigate with a wide array of trading preferences its users can automate.


  • list bullet As it is mostly known for forex and stock trading, Quantum AI is limited to only three cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.


What is Quantum AI?

Quantum AI is an automated trading bot primarily renowned for stock and forex trading, though 3 cryptocurrencies could also be traded.

Is Quantum AI safe?

Quantum AI has been thoroughly tested by the CoinBharat team for compliance with legal requirements, payment processing method, risk aversion tools integrated within its automated trading algorithm and level of transparency with its users, scoring as reliable and trustworthy in all categories.

How much money can Quantum AI generate?

This depends entirely on the type of budget you have for such investments, your target and timeframe, as well as market fluctuations at any given moment. Users have reported profits of up to $1,500 in 5 hours.

Is there any risk with trading on Quantum AI?

Quantum AI features one of the best Price Risk assessment and Data Analysis features, fully integrated with their trading algorithm. As such, it is specifically designed to predict market drops and automatically avoid high-risk trades.

How does Quantum AI make money?

Quantum AI carries out several hundred trades per minute, incrementally increasing wealth over a period of time, starting from very little deposits.

Is Quantum AI secure?

The bot has never been hacked and features a highly secure data and payment processing method.

Is Quantum AI free?

Quantum AI is entirely free, only charging a very small commission exclusively on profits it has made for you. The actual commission varies depending on your deposits and subsequent turnover.

Why is Quantum AI a good trading bot?

Unlike other bots on the market, Quantum AI employs quantum computing to power its technology and thus carry out many more trades than a regular bot normally would within the same timeframe.