Parth Dubey

A crypto journalist with over 3 years of experience in DeFi, NFT, metaverse, etc. Parth has worked with major media outlets in the crypto and finance world and has gained experience and expertise in crypto culture after surviving bear and bull markets over the years. Parth is particularly interested in the future of automated crypto trading, having contributed features, analysis pieces, as well as reviews on and several IBT Media websites.

CoinBharat artistic rendering of an Indian woman burning crypto tokens, version 2

Prominent Digital Asset Holder Shifts Massive Amount of SHIB Tokens

Parth Dubey - 25/08/2023

A notable Shiba Inu token holder has shifted a vast sum of 708 billion SHIB from a Gemini account amidst the turbulent Shibar...

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CoinBharat artwork of a beautiful Indian woman focusing her powers on bending water

Dive Into the Water Market: A Guide to Investing in Water in India

Parth Dubey - 27/04/2023

Sail across the seas of good fortune and discover the untapped potential of investing in water commodities. Navigate the worl...

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woman gazing at Indian landscape artwork

Profit at a Discount: Best Cheap Indian Stocks

Parth Dubey - 23/03/2023

If you are interested in investing in the Indian stock market and are on a budget, consider exploring the world of penny stoc...

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Admiral Markets logo

Admiral Markets Review

Parth Dubey - 13/03/2023

Enjoy a select portfolio of over 8,000 trading instruments for 40,000+ investors from 110+ countries...

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America crypto

US SEC to Crack Down on Companies Offering or Giving Crypto Advice

Parth Dubey - 13/02/2023

Recently, it proclaimed that staking is now considered an unregistered security. Now, the US securities watchdog is also putt...

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