Karan Kumar

Karan is a cryptocurrency and web3 writer living in India. His work has been published in a number of cryptocurrency related publications, ranging from coinmarketcap.com to Medium. He has also worked as a community manager for a few crypto start-ups, which existing NDAs prevent specific disclosures. During his spare time, he enjoys reading about web3 and its future potential.

CoinBharat artwork of a financial expert analysing cryptocurrency graphs

Stellar’s (XLM) Price Movement: An Analysis for the Indian Market

Karan Kumar - 15/08/2023

Stellar's (XLM) recent market trajectory shows a mix of bullish and bearish patterns, with key indicators suggesting potentia...

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new crypto coins India

Altcoins and You: Your Ultimate Guide to New Crypto Coins

Karan Kumar - 04/10/2022

These are some of the most promising new tokens on the market with the highest potential for massive returns...

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