Shivali Krishali

Featured in as one of the most promising rising female finance educators, Shivali is a proficient crypto researcher and writer who is currently focusing on decoding Blockchain Technology, FinTech, and Finance trends for her target audience. With prior experience in SEO and social media, Shivali understands well the type of high-quality, yet simplified coverage that readers like to engage in. She has been working for the past year with crypto start-ups. The self-taught crypto enthusiast takes a special interest in the immense potential of the Metaverse and Web3 technologies for shaping the digital future.


Bank Stocks Plummet and Gold Soars: The Latest Financial Market Turmoil

Shivali Krishali - 22/03/2023

Global bank stocks and short-term US Treasury yields fell on Monday following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB.O). ...

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Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank Collapses: What It Means For India

Shivali Krishali - 21/03/2023

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a leading US bank known for serving tech startups, recently collapsed, sending shockwaves through ...

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BlackRock’s CEO Calls the $8 Trillion Fund for “The Next Generation” of Crypto

Shivali Krishali - 10/12/2022

"I actually believe this technology is going to be very important," Fink said. "Think about instantaneous settlement [of] bon...

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goldman sachs

Following FTX’s Collapse, Goldman Sachs Buys “Tens of Millions” Worth of Cryptocurrency at Steep Discounts

Shivali Krishali - 10/12/2022

Goldman Sachs is planning to spend a significant amount of money on discounted cryptocurrency investments following the implo...

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Pepsi Is All Set to Enter the NFT Space with a New Collection for India

Shivali Krishali - 22/11/2022

The renowned soft drink beast, Pepsi dropped the news of launching their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection exclusively fo...

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