Ali Raza

With a Master in Finance from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Ali has dedicated his professional life to empowering retail investors to make the most lucrative financial decisions. Ali’s work has been published in a number of leading cryptocurrency publications, including, CryptoSlate,, Business2Community,,, and many more. His affinity for identifying fintech innovation ahead of most other investors has rendered Ali a top financial speculator in the fields of web 3.0 and metaverse ETFs. He is also a big proponent of automation, having garnered a significant fortune himself with the aid of crypto trading bots, allowing for an early retirement. Ali now dedicates his time and energy to empowering others with tips and tricks in identifying the most successful financial patterns, so they too can reach new levels of wealth.

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AvaTrade Review

Ali Raza - 13/08/2023

AvaTrade does not charge any fees (0%) on crypto trades and offers a 40-80% bonus on your first deposit...

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India triumphant

India Economic Barometer: Booming Despite Geopolitical Climate

Ali Raza - 09/05/2023

India's aforementioned growth can be attributed to the Aadhaar government initiative, high internet usage, and the infrastruc...

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Nigeria Blockchain advances

Nigerian Government Greenlights Its National Blockchain Policy To Support A Digital Economy

Ali Raza - 08/05/2023

The Nigerian government has approved a national blockchain policy with said policy helping Nigeria shift operations toward a ...

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Paxful shutting down

Why Paxful Shut Down: An Analysis

Ali Raza - 04/05/2023

Paxful shut down operations in early April. The closure was attributed to key staff departures and regulatory challenges. A l...

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Indian trade in commodities

Indian Policymakers Concerned About Drop in Indian Trade Competitiveness

Ali Raza - 14/04/2023

India is a country with tremendous potential for economic development, but its approach to international trade could be hinde...

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