Powered by quantum computing, this bot can generate profits of up to $1,500 in just 5 hours

Quantum AI is a socially-conscious stock, forex and crypto trading bot, donating a part of all revenue to charities aiding the impoverished, with a highly intuitive dashboard that lets all users quickly maximise profits.

A Guide to Stock Trading Bot Software5-min read

Fahad Asif

Fahad Asif |  Updated on 19/3/2023

This is the adage by which all stock traders live, even if over 90% of traders fail. An individual investor, trader, or stock analyst cannot respond quickly enough to an increasingly complex market to make the best investment judgments. Therefore, in the 21st Century, an automated trading system is almost a necessity for any trader to stay ahead of the curve. Stock trading bots are a type of algorithm-based tool created to allow stock traders to buy, sell, and execute orders to automate profits. These bots make order diversification possible and boost order entry speed by executing orders as soon as the trade rules are satisfied. In simplicity, they do a trader’s job better then they can while handing over any of the profits to the clever investor.

There are various stock trading bots available on the market. This guide will provide all the information regarding stock trading bot software such as; the purpose and mechanics of stock trading bots, their pros and downsides, how to start using automatic stock trading software and, most importantly for our dear readers, how to make money with them.

Best Stock Trading Bot Software for March 2023

We have carefully put together a list of the best stock trading bots, available in India and abroad, for you. We reviewed these programs, which have been confirmed to be the most dependable and trustworthy and are liable to produce the best outcomes.

The following bots top our list:


Quantum AI Review

Quantum AI Review

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  • list bullet Users can automate their stock, forex and commodities trading
  • list bullet Features integrated Data Analysis and Risk Assessment tools in order to avert high-risk trades.
  • list bullet Easy to navigate with a wide array of trading preferences its users can automate.


  • list bullet As it is mostly known for forex and stock trading, Quantum AI is limited to only three cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.
BitQT Review

BitQT Review

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  • list bullet Offers stock, commodity, CFD and crypto trading (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and many more)
  • list bullet Renowned for its easy-to-use demo platform, allowing users to fully familiarise themselves with trading
  • list bullet BitQT offers up to 1000x leverage, allowing even beginners with small deposits to bet big on the market


  • list bullet Requires a minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent to activate your automated trading account
  • list bullet Analytics section could be improved to match the UI improvements of newer robot traders
Oil Profit Review

Oil Profit Review

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  • list bullet The most profitable oil trading bot on the market and one of the easiest to use for those new to stock trading.
  • list bullet Features a great demo account that quickly teaches those new to trading everything they need to know about oil and stock investments.
  • list bullet Make profits in times of economic volatility and gain real-time updates on all market developments.


  • list bullet Oil is a commodity that many are turning away from, given the ongoing climate emergency.
  • list bullet A minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent is required to automate your oil trades.

Quantum AI, for example, has no fees associated with it, and its users have a success rate of almost 90% whilst being capable of taking both short and long positions. Quantum AI works perfectly on all devices.

BitlQ checks the stock market for the best deals and does so swiftly to maximise the profit margin of the trader. Profits can be withdrawn daily, which makes it a reliable option for stock traders.

Libra Method’s profit close rate is 85%. It executes orders in one millisecond and the withdrawal time frame is less than 24 hours.

Oil Profit has a success rate of 90 per cent. It is in partnership with top brokers and has a demo account for testing. It provides the chance for traders to keep an eye on the robot while it goes about its work.

Oil Profit robot

The Oil Profit bot offers commodity trading in addition to automating all stock investments

Guardian Angel boasts a success rate of over 90%. It costs nothing to register or use the platform. Beginning with the registration procedure, when you input your phone number to be reached, customer service walks you through each step.

Money Maker is also free and its best feature is that it increases your expectations and lets you trade larger volumes with a higher success rate. It only operates through secure, regulated binary brokers with complete control over the trading session, making it safe and reliable.

Profit Edge is protected by SSL, which means it is safe and secure. It reduces risks because it completes orders in seconds should there be a change in market trends.

How to Start Trading with Automated Stock Trading Software

Trading with automated stock trading software is simple, it only requires a few steps, and for this page, we will be focusing on Quantum AI.

Step 1: Complete the registration form.

Sign up on the homepage. You must provide your email address and phone number. You can also make your password or utilise the platform’s built-in password generator.

Step 2: Verify Your ID

After signing up, a broker will connect you so you can finish setting up your account, which includes uploading some papers. A government-issued photo ID and proof of address are essential documentation. You can move forward after the documents have been uploaded and approved.

What Is Automated Stock Exchange

In summary, a stock trading bot is a trading system that is fundamentally built on the use of algorithms to execute orders. This allows traders to create rules for opening and closing transactions, which the computer will then use to generate profitable margins. It works better than human professionals. These processes complete orders in milliseconds.

These algorithms are so sophisticated that, in the long term, they may push even well-established hedge funds into becoming obsolete. High-frequency trading, also known as HFT, is a fantastic example of an automated stock trading system. HFT is a technique that uses complex algorithms to evaluate several markets and execute orders in response to changing market conditions.

With automated trading, users can choose their own entry and exit points as well as the rules for managing their funds and risks. The computers will then use these settings to control the subsequent trading processes. The trader will not have to squander any more time or energy. Additionally, it establishes a specific discipline, reduces the likelihood of an emotion-driven misstep, speeds up trading and yields better profits. BlackRock’s Aladdin, for instance, had made trillions for its clients when it was first created and can count global conglomerates such as Fannie Mae, Macquarie and Genworth Financial amongst its client base.

This being said, the market is not regulated, which is why it is essential to do your research and read reviews on any automated robot before signing up. Quantum AI, BitlQ, Libra Method, Oil Profit, Guardian Angel, MoneyMaker, and ProfitEdge have been tested by us and other review sites like ours.

A lot of money can be made with automated trading bots if things are done correctly. Being a community that relies on trust and good faith, we only recommend the best-automated stock bots for our readers.

Pros and Cons of Stock Trade Bots Software

Although Trade Bots software boasts many advantages in terms of speedy trading and huge profits, it will not send orders if the connection is lost, which is why it requires monitoring. We advise that you have experience and knowledge in trading even though these stock trading bot apps are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Making Money with Automated Stock Trading Bots

Any trader can make money with automated stock trading bots, even novices who do not come from a traditional financial background. Many of the stock trading bots we recommended in this post require an entry investment as low as $250 to start making a profit. After that, these robots will do the work for you and all you need to do is to register. These automated bots are only now gaining popularity, so early-adopters such as potentially yourself have a brief window of opportunity to be ahead to the curve and profit more. You can also opt for demo accounts before you kickstart your entry into the space.

stock market fluctuations predicted by stock trading bots

How to Choose the Best Stock Trading Bot

Follow the guidelines below to choose the best stock trading bot.

Review Market Conditions

Checking the market circumstances you want to trade in should be your first step. Specific strategies, like arbitrage, are only effective in specific market environments. Examine the market and determine your precise need for a trading bot before going all-in and investing in a strategy and trading bot.

Try out Your Plan on a Demo Account First

Before incorporating a strategy into your trading bot, always backtest it. Backtesting allows you to determine the profitability and effectiveness of your desired long-term or intraday strategy. Backtesting is evaluating a bot strategy using research and historical data.

Review Your Strategy in Terms of Trade Wins and Losses

Analysing individual trades will not provide you with the success or failure rate you need to determine the effectiveness of your approach. You must evaluate the approach’s effectiveness by taking a broader view because the trading bot will use it to execute hundreds of deals. Examine the method’s results in ten-person groups.

Are Stock Trading Bots Safe?

Yes, trading bots are safe. Though they can be risky sometimes, if you do your research correctly and read reviews from websites like this, you can profit from genuine stock trading bots.

How to Differentiate Genuine Trading Bots From Scams

One of the ways to ensure your trading bots is to check if it has a trial period. Scams might not offer a trial period. Also, check if there are reviews available from third-party sites.

Lastly, ensure you read their terms and conditions before signing up.

Are Stock Trade Bots Legal?

Automation in stock trading is legal. Professional traders use them to execute trades following their pre-set algorithms.

Testing the Best Stock Trading Bot Software

It is unwise to trade with stock trading bots that have not been tested, as there are quite a few fake ones purporting to use technology which they do not even have access to. This is why we have a thorough verification process in place. We create accounts for every bot we recommend, trade, and withdraw. Aside from that, we also evaluate them for compliance, user safety, privacy, and terms & conditions. This is how we evaluate them before recommending them:

By always reading the reviews of a dedicated team which has taken the time to extensively vet and verify these stock trading bots, you are effectively averting all dangers. This is the only way in which you can enjoy the benefits and potential returns, whilst minimising or even removing risks altogether.

Investing Responsibly

As with any investment, it is safer to always invest with amounts you can afford to lose. This is because the stock market is volatile. Do your research, monitor the bankroll and know when to withdraw.

Latest Developments

According to JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s trading desk, trend-following quants, who had earlier contributed to a significant Wall Street rebound, may now start selling off stocks if the S&P 500 falls below a critical technical threshold. The team estimated that commodity trading advisors could be compelled to offload approximately $50 billion of equities if the benchmark gauge drops below its average price from the previous 200 days. The threshold, which stood near 3,940, was approached by the index on Friday, with a 1% difference.


Automated trading systems are appealing for a number of reasons, but they should not replace careful market analysis and execution. Stock trading bots are one example of technological innovations that gives investors and traders more freedom from location-based constraints. With bot software, traders and investors can automate and cut down on time and work it takes to trade on the stock, cryptocurrency, forex, and commodity markets.

While enticing for many different reasons, automated trading systems should not be used in place of cautiously conducted trading. Since technological malfunctions can occur, these systems do need monitoring. Traders seeking to reduce the risks of mechanical breakdowns may find a solution in server-based solutions. Remember that before using automated trading systems, you need to have some trading expertise and understanding and, most importantly, do your own research.


What is a stock trading bot?

It is algorithmic trading designed to automate profit by enabling stock traders to purchase, sell, and execute orders without being monitored.

What is automated stock trading?

Automated trading systems are computer programs created by skilled programmers to adhere to a specific market algorithm. Automated systems are set up to track trends, analyse market data, and use particular mathematical and technical formulas to provide signals; buy and sell orders. What is the best trading bot? Some of the best trading bots are QuantumAI, ProfitEdge and Guardian Angel. There is no one size fits all kind of bot, so the best trading bot for you will depend on your budget, your experience with the strategies, expectations and how soon you want to start making profits.

Are stock trading bots safe?

Yes, stock trading bots are safe, but make sure you are trading with bots tested and reviewed by us or other third-party sides.

How much money can you make with stock trading bots?

This depends on your trading amount, but you can make a lot of money using the best trading bots.

Where can I find stock trading bots?

There are many stock trading bots in the stock market. You only need to punch a few lines on google, and you will find various options. However, we cannot advise you to go for any stock trading bots you find on google; you need to check review sites like this before deciding on any bots.