Make profits with the only trading bot developed for the oil market, boasting a 90% success rate

As many brokers are dropping oil as an available trading assets on their platforms, experts argue that the only way to still generate profit from oil trading is with robots specifically designed for such purposes.

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Prateek Arora

Prateek Arora |  Updated on 19/3/2023

Oil Profit is a reliable and user-friendly platform for trading oil and cryptocurrency CFDs. The minimum deposit is only $250, and there are no withdrawal or deposit fees. With a claimed success rate of up to 90%, traders can benefit from the platform’s automated trading and 5,000:1 leverage. The platform also offers a convenient mobile app for iOS and Android devices, making trading accessible on-the-go. In addition, customer service is available via email, providing traders with support whenever they need it.

Retail trading has changed forever. Unwilling to constantly monitor the market due to it being nigh impossible thanks to rapidly changing market conditions, people are now gravitating toward automated trading bots. Oil Profit is one of the best trading bots to have launched in 2022, offering a wide array of trading strategies that both veterans and novice traders can apply. As the world is moving towards renewable sources of energy and all-too-many brokers refusing to feature oil among their options of commodities and tradable assets, some would argue that it is only possible to generate any profit by trading oil only by using an automated trading algorithm specifically developed for these purposes. Oil Profit was launched specifically with that idea in mind and has already yielded significant returns to its customers, in both oil (among other commodities) and stock trading.

Oil Profit is an oil, Bitcoin and stock trading bot, an automated trading tool that does away with the need for any modern input. It finds opportunities on the trader’s behalf and then automatically places the trade in a way that can generate the most gains.

With no psychological or emotional pressure holding it back, Oil Profit is the platform to choose if one wants trading to be more streamlined and without the need to monitor the market on a constant basis. With the onboard advanced trading algorithms fed by the information given through Big Data, in addition to strategically investing in oil during market fluctuations to generate considerable profit, Oil Profit’s robot can buy Bitcoin, stocks and other commodity ETFs at the optimal time. Additionally, Oil Profit leverages multiple algorithms, including technical, fundamental, and news based. In fact, many experts speculate that with the worldwide move to renewable sources of energy and overall shunning of oil, it is only possible to still generate profit from oil trading by using a robot specifically developed for such purposes. 

Furthermore, this platform has a success rate of 90% – a big plus for new traders. That said, our reviews couldn’t verify it right away due to the current volatile market conditions. To start trading through Oil Profit, one must make a deposit of $250. Furthermore, Oil Profit has partnered with the best cryptocurrency trading platforms for quick and reliable trades.

Oil Profit Review

Oil Profit Review

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  • list bullet The most profitable oil trading bot on the market and one of the easiest to use for those new to stock trading.
  • list bullet Features a great demo account that quickly teaches those new to trading everything they need to know about oil and stock investments.
  • list bullet Make profits in times of economic volatility and gain real-time updates on all market developments.


  • list bullet Oil is a commodity that many are turning away from, given the ongoing climate emergency.
  • list bullet A minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent is required to automate your oil trades.


Oil Profit is a trading robot that focuses on conducting automated trades for those who do not have time to watch the market constantly since that is what the cryptocurrency market requires. With that in mind, here are the features it relies on to provide automated trading services.

AI-Powered Algorithms

Oil Profit’s primary goal is to help people generate profits through cryptocurrency on a regular basis. Since algorithmic decisions are involved, there is no need to take knee-jerk, emotional decisions that often create worse conditions for traders. Oil Profit’s ability to execute trade during volatile conditions is unparalleled since it can pinpoint exactly where the market may turn to generate profits – and it is right 90% of the time.

Freely Available to All

Trading bots were often outside the reach of ordinary traders – but Oil Profit flips the script by making it freely available to anyone. Signing up on the platform is easy, and traders can check out all the features free of charge. It is only during trading that they’d need to make a $250 deposit since that’s the minimum trade to be done on this platform.

Great Demo Account

Paper Trading is a great way to assess the profitability of a trading robot before utilizing it under real market conditions with real money. With Oil Profit’s demo account, beginners can understand what auto trading is about before they invest real money.

Parameters Are Customisable 

Every trader is different with different risk tolerance and different goals for trading. Therefore, users can alter elements like trading times and stop loss to limit losses and trading on times that fit a trader’s needs.

Mobile Platforms Available

Not every trader has the time or patience to stay glued to their screens and quickly react to market changes to just maybe generate profits and not everyone is open to trading on the desktop. Therefore, Oil Profit is also available to mobile users for traders who want to make money in terms of Bitcoin on the go.

Fast Withdrawals

When we traded through the platform and wanted to withdraw, we found the withdrawal times not optimal. It takes around 48 hours for the withdrawal process to complete, ensuring that you get to utilize your earnings fast afterward.

Great Customer Support

While the idea behind a trading bot is to provide hands-off trading facilities to users, there is something that needs to be said about a tool’s complexity. Many adopt trading bots thinking they would only generate success, which is not the case. Therefore, keeping in touch with customer support is important. That is why we are happy to inform you that the customer support on this website is phenomenal and is available 24/7.


The underlying code that handles the running of these tools is too complex to understand for a non-specialist. This being said, the idea is easy to put in layman’s terms and generally involves three steps.

  1. Analysing the data – The first step is data analysis that the robot does on the information it collects by monitoring the Bitcoin market. It then proceeds to assess the data based on the traditional market paradigm to fine-tune the data – simplify it – for predicting.
  2. Predicting the risk involved – The trading bot that proceeds to assess the data and predicts the risks involved with certain trades. It then leverages that information to decide when and how much. “How much” is the amount of BTC to invest, and “when” is when to invest it for maximum gains for traders.

The underlying concept of an automatic trading bot is not new. It has taken inspiration from the likes of Aladdin – another trading bot used by the likes of BlackRock to conduct trades and generate profit in a market even where all prices are going down. Such tools were inaccessible to normal retail traders in the past with the wealth provided by these systems only reaped a small number of users and stakeholders. Once bots become mainstream, the profits must be distributed amongst more people – which will in turn reduce the dividends.

Setting Up an Account

Traders must take four steps to set up their account

Step 1 – Create an Account on Oil Profit

Create an account on Oil Profit by going to the official website and clicking on the registration button. Enter the requisite details, including the email ID, for account verification.

Step 2 – Start the Demo Account

It is recommended that beginners try out the demo account first to get the feel of the trading bot. It also gives users a place to play around with fictitious capital without running the risk of losing money.

Step 3: Deposit Your Chosen Amount

Deposit at least $250 or equivalent using the preferred method to start trading for real.

Step 4 – Adjust Your Requirements

Once logged in, go to the dashboard and click on “settings” to make changes to stop loss and timings to customize the bot trading experience.

Pricing Model

Oil Profit implements a simple fee module – free. Trying out the website doesn’t require the payment of any fee. Beyond that, there are no subscription fees involved nor any added commissions. However, Oil Profit does take a commission on profit. While we couldn’t find the exact percentage of that commission, if Oil Profit follows the same monetary model, we believe it might be 2%.

That said, trading can only be done if the trader has deposited at least $250 in the account.

Oil Profit – User Interface and Security

Is Oil Profit a Secure Website?

Oil Profit is indeed a secure website. However, finding the true link isn’t easy since many copycats have emerged. Therefore, it is recommended that traders use an affiliate link to connect to the website before starting such as the one provided by CoinBharat itself.

Furthermore, there are multiple versions of Oil Profit, one even dedicated to oil trading. Therefore, remember to assess the website thoroughly before creating an account.

Does Oil Profit Have a Good Interface?

Yes, Oil Profit does have an intuitive interface that allows all types of traders – veterans or beginners – to trade without worrying about the intricacies of trading. This being said, while there is no learning curve to using the website itself, investors must learn market fundamentals before trying out the website – it will help with changing the stop-loss and trading time settings.

Is Oil Profit a Regulated Platform?

Oil Profit, or any trading bot, isn’t a regulated entity. It is because of the innate nature of cryptocurrencies and the government’s perception of them. The US is still in arms about derivatives, and most countries haven’t given up their draconian beliefs about the assets. That said, crypto earnings are considered capital gains and are subject to the capital gains tax.

Testing Oil Profit

We assessed the platform completely by signing up and conducting trades ourselves. Our first foray into trading Bitcoin was successful but we didn’t go on long enough to assess the profit odds. That said, the platform performs exactly as advertised and there are no signs to indicate that it is a scam.

Invest Responsibly

Investing responsibly is key to making the cryptocurrency trades work in your favor. Always look around and take the market’s volatility into account when trading. Also, it is not guaranteed that you will generate any profit when trading through a trading bot. It is a machine, after all, and crypto markets have a way of upending the market fundamentals during crucial times. So, the best advice we can give you is to invest frugally when you are getting started and invest large only if you are comfortable losing money.

Recent Updates

Silicon Valley Bank’s failure was caused by a combination of factors, including losses, uninsured leverage, and a large loan portfolio. This highlights the fragility of the traditional financial system. Comparing SVB’s situation with other banks in the US shows that almost 190 banks are at risk of a run, according to economists. A recent analysis warns that a large number of banks are vulnerable to uninsured deposit withdrawals. If even half of uninsured depositors decide to withdraw, nearly 190 banks could be at risk of impairing insured deposits worth up to $300 billion. Furthermore, monetary policies set by central banks can adversely affect long-term assets such as government bonds and mortgages, leading to losses for banks. Insolvency occurs when the market value of a bank’s assets, once uninsured depositors are paid, is insufficient to repay all insured deposits.


In our conclusion to the Oil Profit review, we would like to highlight that the platform has a success rate that anyone can enjoy because of its simple-to-use interface. We consider it one of the premier trading bots available in the market. But the only downside is that it only supports three cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

For those who want to make gains during a bear market, Oil Profit is good for them. For those who want to trade full-time but want a semi-passive source of income, the Oil Profit is good for them. However, set up a personal budget and be mindful of the market before trying it out.

Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions

Oil Profit Review

Oil Profit Review

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  • list bullet The most profitable oil trading bot on the market and one of the easiest to use for those new to stock trading.
  • list bullet Features a great demo account that quickly teaches those new to trading everything they need to know about oil and stock investments.
  • list bullet Make profits in times of economic volatility and gain real-time updates on all market developments.


  • list bullet Oil is a commodity that many are turning away from, given the ongoing climate emergency.
  • list bullet A minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent is required to automate your oil trades.


What is the Oil Profit robot?

Oil Profit is an automated trading bot specifically developed to generate profits from oil trading, especially during times of economic uncertainty and recessions.

Is the Oil Profit robot safe and reliable?

Oil Profit has been tested with extreme scrutiny on its payment processing, withdrawal requirements and ease, customer support, legal compliance and privacy protection of personal data by the CoinBharat team, being rewarded a Reliable mark in all these areas.

How does the Oil Profit robot make money?

The Oil Profit robot empowers machine learning technology to predict market trends and carry out several dozen trades every 10 seconds in order to gather profits which - over a longer period of time - amount to significant earnings.

What trading success rate does the Oil Profit robot have?

Oil Profit claims a success rate of 90%, whilst some users have reported 400% returns within a couple of months.

Is the Oil Profit robot secure?

Oil Profit claims to employ security methods vetted by Norton and McAfee. It has never been hacked or had any of its user data compromised, whilst integrating multi-layered third-party security tools for payment processing.

What can I trade with the Oil Profit robot?

As the name implies, Oil Profit is specifically developed to enable users to still generate profits from oil (a commodity now shunned by other brokers and unavailable on their platforms). Nonetheless, customers could also trade stocks and Bitcoin on the platform and automate such trades accordingly.