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Immediate Edge is one of the most established and renowned crypto trading bots on the market, with a 24/7 support team and no hidden fees for their services

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Shivali Krishali

Shivali Krishali |  Updated on 19/3/2023

Investing in cryptocurrencies has become a novel method used by both tech-enthusiasts and retail investors as a hedge against inflation and the general deterioration of people’s purchasing power globally. While the entry of institutional investors such as Adidas and Citi into the space may feel like the sector has become a sure-fire path to wealth, the market is still highly risky and volatile in nature. This being said, crypto trading bots empower traders to follow and profit from market trends with minimum input from their end. This makes crypto trading bots, such as Immediate Edge, a fantastic source of passive income.

Immediate Edge is a secure and user-friendly automated trading platform that offers investors the chance to make high-profit opportunities in the crypto market. With a minimum deposit of $250, high liquidity assets, and 24/7 customer service, the platform provides a safe and high-profit way for investors to benefit from crypto trading.

This review on Immediate trade will broadly cover the bot along with its features, setting up the bot itself, process fees and any other important datapoint that would benefit an interested investor.

With the tools provided by Immediate Edge, trading Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and even lesser-known altcoins has never been easier. Among these capabilities are automated trading bots, which will change the world of trading forever. Now is truly the time to get in on the action. The new Gold Rush has begun!

What Is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that operates by using a bot to forecast profitable trade signals in the market. The platform provides investors with the ability to earn passively in the crypto market without having to constantly monitor or analyse market trends themselves. Once the bot has been set up it immediately starts looking out for profitable trade opportunities.

Immediate Edge operates on an AI-powered mechanism that helps the system to locate the most profitable opportunities, forecast the price fluctuations and execute the trade automatically. The platform is reliable, easy to use and a user can start trading with a minimum of $250.

The trading system functions on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Thus allowing all the users to monitor all transactions in real time. The Edge community claims that any potential trader with the ability to trade can easily use the platform.

Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge: Key Features

The fact remains that the crypto market is subject to a significant level of risk. Hence, it is essential to note that the existence of an AI-based trading bot could help novice investors more than most in simplifying the process of making profits. Here are some of the key features of Immediate Edge that make it a suitable match for traders:

Easy to Operate: The platform has a smooth and easy-to-use interface for users who are just just stepping into trading. The process is simple and begins with setting up the account, depositing funds, and trading. Every feature on the platform is user-friendly and easy to get a handle of.

Demo Account: Not all products and services have free access. Nothing comes for free but Immediate Edge does provide its users with a demo mode. A demo account is a great way to start on the platform and get comfortable with the platform’s operations and functionality before entering into the real market to take financial risks.

Quick Withdrawal: With Immediate Edge users can withdraw their funds within 24 hours or less and get their share of profits within a few hours of trade.

Multiple Payment Modes: The availability of multiple payment options on the Immediate Edge platform is a unique selling point for investors who do not have or use a specific mode of payment thus allowing users to make payments from different modes.

Security: Immediate Edge trading platform is secure by high-level encryption that reduces the risk of data leak and breach. The platform stands by global data security laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, Immediate Edge operates with different brokers and collaborates with them to look after all of the trading bot activities.

Customer Support Service: The customer support service on the platform operates 24/7 to help their customers in need. The support team is available to take care of any issues regarding registration, deposits, and trading. Investors also have the live chat option to speak to a representative to convey their concerns.

Global Reach and High Success Rate: Immediate Edge operates in more than 150 nations with a strong network of brokers providing its users a global level of exposure. The platform has a high return rate and its mechanism is constantly being upgraded to match up with the changing market conditions.

Immediate edge

Setting up an Account: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Sign up to create an account: Once the user lands on the Immediate Edge website, they will have the option to sign up at the top of the page. Here the user has to mention their details which would include their name, email address, and mobile number. This information will then be reviewed and they will be forwarded to the suitable broker. Now Users who have successfully completed the registration process will be taken to the next step.

Immediate Edge

Verification of the account: Once the new user has been registered, they are required to contact a verification number to confirm their accounts. The investor is all set to put up their account after the phone verification is being done.

Depositing funds: After the user account is verified and all set up, the next step is to deposit a sum equal to the initial investment by the user. $250 is the minimum required amount before the user starts trading on Immediate Edge. Immediate Edge accepts a variety of payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, and wire transfers. Immediate Edge offers several withdrawal options as well.

Tracking bots performance: The Immediate Edge platform has a demo account feature for new users who are unsure about the platform. Before investing their money in the market users can first take a trial. With a demo account, users will be able to start live trading without the possibility of losing money.

Make sure to coordinate with the account manager to ensure that everything is in order before going live. The account manager will assist the user to set up trading guidelines to lower the risk of losing money on the platform. After completing this step, select “live trade” from the menu and start with the trading.

The Tech

Cryptocurrency trading bots are automated and AI-based algorithms that are built to simplify the process of trading while reducing errors and enhancing success rates. To function efficiently, trading bots use the following concepts:

Data analysis: The most essential aspect of a trading bot is to study the market data using conventional data analytics principles and provide filtered results.

Forecasting risk: Using the data traditional data analysis, the bot decides how much is to be invested and in which asset.

Buy/Sell: The purpose of a crypto trading bot is to indicate to the users the target to hit for trade. Thus the Application Program Interface of the bot acts as a key to the user’s account to function and carry out crypto orders.

Immediate Edge

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

The crypto market cannot be predicted and even the most advanced automated bots cannot beat the market 100% of the time, but they come much closer than even the most seasoned human investors ever could The following points are the strategies that Immediate Edge’s software uses to help its clients to earn high returns consistently.

Robotic Trading Tools: The beta mode of the Instant Edge app ensures 100% efficiently in the placing of crypto trades using cutting-edge technology. It will efficiently organize trading activities and will help users to earn more. The user must check the accessibility of the crypto they want to trade before signing up to the platform.

Investment/Arbitrage Trading: Any investor who is looking to make money by trading cryptocurrencies should have the knowledge and ability to understand trends. With arbitrage trading, the Immediate Edge bot will help its users to control different quantities of crypto on different platforms all at the same time.

News Trading: There are many price fluctuations when a trade is executed, emphasising the element of risk. This being said, with the Immediate Edge trading platform, users are well informed in advance of the price fluctuations thus helping out the traders to make decisions accordingly.

Price Analysis: Due to the volatile nature of the crypto market, multiple price fluctuations make it next to impossible to predict the future price of crypto. Now the user does not have to worry about it as the Immediate Edge platform provides interested clients with a proper study of the previous data to forecast how a specific asset will perform in the near future.

Immediate Edge

Devices on Which the Immediate Edge Platform Can Be Operated

Immediate Edge trading is a platform that can function on any device having an internet browser; including desktops/PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. The platform has a smooth interface along with a demo account feature for users to first test the platform before actually investing their money. This helps the user to become comfortable with the platform’s functions to make the user ready to take the risk.

Price Structure

The Immediate Edge platform is free from any kind of fees and costs. Users of this trading robot can withdraw up to 10 times for free each month without any further costs. The only 1% fee for the next withdrawals is calculated at the time of the transaction. Following are the list of fees for the Immediate edge platform is provided below:

Registration: No Fees
Withdrawal: No Fees
Deposit: No Fees
Commission: No Fees

If a user signs up for a basic account, there will be a discounted price for the trading fee if there is a bigger initial deposit amount. If the users opt for the premium levels – Standard or Advanced versions, they can save even more on the trading fee.

Payment Methods Accepted on Immediate Edge

The minimum deposit to start on the platform is $250 and a user can deposit in multiple ways. The available methods on Immediate Edge include:

Immediate Edge and Security

Is the Immediate Edge Platform Safe?

Security is the utmost priority for every investor when they are investing their money via a trading bot.

Although the platform is safe for cryptocurrency trading, the success rate claimed by the website is difficult to verify. The success rate is claimed to be as high as 82% but this cannot be proven as fact.

Is Immediate Edge User-Friendly?

As mentioned earlier, the Immediate Edge platform is very safe to use and is quite user-friendly as well. It is very easy to register and use the services of the bot especially should the investor in question be a novice or otherwise unfamiliar with investing in general. Just a few clicks and a form later, users can withdraw the funds and deposits are easily made as well.

Is Immediate Edge Regulated?

The trading platform is associated with a third-party brokerage so it does not need to be regulated. The exchange is suitable with a wide variety of trading platforms based in Europe and regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Is the User’s Money Secured with Immediate Edge?

In order to start trading, the user does not have to deposit money on the Immediate Edge platform. Instead they have to deposit with the recommended broker. All the brokers are regulated by CySEC, meaning whenever a user uses them they are liable to pay compensation of up to $20,000 should the broker be at fault for anything that goes against CySEC’s regulatory regime.

Immediate Edge

Testing the Best Crypto Trading Bots

This review of the Immediate Edge trading bot has been put together after a complete, thorough and detailed audit that included creating accounts on the bot and testing their trading tools. It is important to note that, other than the natural risk associated with trading in general, it works as advertised by providing well-timed and favorable trades that will generate profits.

Moreover, there are a number of crypto bots that are obvious scams and a user must be well aware to do their own research before using any bot for trading. Due to this need for verification, review sites such as ours ensure that investors who want access to a genuine crypto trading bot that is not a scam have a handy source of information to guide them.

Investing Responsibility

The crypto market is highly volatile as the market is yet to mature. Market conditions can cause a token to go from its record price to the ground in a very short span of time. Only invest as much as you are willing to lose. Before jumping in, make sure to do your due diligence and understand how the crypto market/individual project works, when to invest and when to withdraw. Users should only use bots that are verified by several different independent reviewers and invest as much as they are ok with losing and research each potential investment as much as possible. No bot is perfect and guarantees profit but the high success rate of Immediate Edge brings it closer to perfect. However, the user should always do their analysis before investing their money in the crypto space.

Latest Updates

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Immediate edge is a legitimate crypto trading platform in the market that allows its users to earn passively. With Immediate Edge, trading has become super easy and convenient not only for experienced investors but for new traders as well. The platform is protected and works quite faster than other platforms. With Immediate Edge, users don’t need to sit in front of the screen to analyze the crypto market. The robots do it for the user. All they have to do is set their trading option on Autopilot rest of the bots will take care of the trading and investments.

With this review, the user must have a clear understanding of the platform and how it works. The crypto market is highly volatile in nature so an investor must have proper knowledge before entering into it.

Platforms like Immediate Edge are making it easier than ever for individuals to invest in Bitcoin, which has the largest market capitalization among all cryptocurrencies. Immediate Edge’s user-friendly interface and advanced trading features make it a valuable asset for anyone looking to participate in future-proof crypto investing.

Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.

Immediate Edge Review

Immediate Edge Review

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  • list bullet The platform offers a free demo account for its users.
  • list bullet Users can automated their trading preferences with just a few simple clicks.
  • list bullet Immediate Edge has a support team that is available 24/7 to serve its customers.


  • list bullet The only traded cryptocurrency on the platform is Bitcoin.
  • list bullet Only provides specific traders on the platform.
  • list bullet Does not have an app.


What are crypto bots?

These are automated trading bots that are used in trading cryptocurrencies. These are pre-arranged schedules that are performed to earn specific returns on trade investments.

How to use crypto bots in trading?

Start by setting up a bot’s boundaries and it will execute trades on its own and all the returns gained can be withdrawn to the regulated broker’s account.

Are these crypto trading bots safe?

Amongst the crypto bots available in the market, Immediate Edge is one of the safest bots helping investors make money without any hassle. However, the success count of each bot varies.

What are the benefits of using crypto bots?

Using bots for crypto trading results in fast operations and beats exchanges that are slow in updating their prices.

What is the cost of using the Immediate Edge bot?

For live trading on the platform, Immediate Edge does not charge any fee or commission, the only fee that is to be paid is brokerage when the crypto trades are executed on the platform.

Does Immediate Edge have a mobile app?

Immediate Edge does not have a mobile app. But the website can be operated from both PC and mobile.

What is the time to withdraw money from the Immediate Edge app and what is the limit?

After the live trading session is over the user can withdraw their money. It usually takes 24hrs to process the withdrawals to the user's bank account. Users can withdraw any limit of up to 10 times for free on the platform in a month.

How much can a user earn using the Immediate Edge bot?

The amount of earnings depends upon the user's capacity to invest. It is always suggested to start small before investing a larger amount of money. Try to first learn and explore more before making the final decision.