Sign up and automate your trading across 5 crypto pairs and 17 forex pairs at up to 90% success rate

FXMasterBot works by combining different crypto and forex trading strategies into one and calculating the possibilities of winning in each trade, allowing customers to easily automate their trading preferences across both verticals

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Parth Dubey

Parth Dubey |  Updated on 02/2/2023

In an ever-evolving industry, new disruptive innovations enter the market when one least expects them. Finance, being no stranger to disruption, has spearheaded a number of these with automatic trading bots being one of the most lucrative inventions to date. There are many robots that we have already reviewed and the one that we will be tackling in this article is FXMasterBot. This unique forex trading software which will allow its users to make real profit and withdraw them in real time as well.

It is crucial to note that many sub-par crypto trading bots chronically underperform but our research has shown that FXMasterBot is not one of them. It can help users make real profits and gain experience in real profitable trading with the help of a refined algorithm that has been integrated into the platform. This trading bot has become quite popular following a surge in the usage of such bots with the recent crypto market collapse requiring even veteran traders to use these tools to maintain an edge.

When it comes to using such bots, the underlying technology has to be sound and effective. As a result of this, the potential users of these platforms are advised to do their thorough research on the methodology followed by the creators of the platform and also go through the testimonies of the users of the said platforms.

FXMasterBot Review

FXMasterBot Review

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  • list bullet Combines crypto and forex trading, enabling even complete beginners to quickly learn
  • list bullet The bot claims an average success rate of 89-90%
  • list bullet Supports more than 5 crypto pairs along with 17 forex pairs


  • list bullet A minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent is required
  • list bullet Risk contingency mechanism for forex trades is as not as elaborate as its crypto counterpart

What Is FXMasterBot?

FXMasterBot, which has been created by a veteran team of forex and crypto traders, allows users to trade cryptocurrencies along with additional forex pairs easily and provides them the choice to customize their trading methodology in accordance with their experience and exposure. The platform offers an average rate of win at 89-90% which is enough to make quick money but fundamental knowledge of crypto and forex markets is a must.

The trading bot provides its users with several unique features and settings which will enable them to mould trades in line with the profit margin they expect. The platform has a verified track record of several years and thanks to its advanced trading algorithm, users can implement trades in the forex and crypto markets without much issues.

FXMasterBot is known for combining several trading methods into one to increase its winning percentage and, despite having such a complex infrastructure, the user interface of the platform is quite simple. The amazing win rate and the numerous trading settings provide a customized approach to forex and crypto trading which attract novice as well as expert traders.

How Does FXMasterBot Work?

FXMasterBot works by combining different crypto and forex trading strategies into one and calculating the possibilities of winning in each trade. The trading bot has been created by forex trading experts to help novice traders learn and make money with this concept. Moreover, as mentioned above, the algorithm is highly customizable and the smallest change in settings will do wonders.

As soon as a trader registers their name and information on the platform, they will have access to a number of crypto and forex trading tools and settings. While the crypto market is inherently volatile, FXMasterBot uses an advanced methodology to allow traders to make money.

Additionally, it is also crucial to note that the platform currently supports more than 5 crypto pairs along with 17 forex pairs. The minimum amount that one can deposit is $250 and the minimum trading amount is close to $25. The trading bot also supports multiple devices but does not have a mobile application. However, to use FXMasterBot on PC, no downloads are required.

Manual/Automated Trading

Traders will have the option to trade manually or in an automated manner. Novice traders are advised to carry their traders with the help of the algorithm of FXMasterBot while experienced traders can use the settings and tools provided by the trading bot to increase the number of winning trades.

When automated trading is activated, FXMasterBot will immediately place trades and open the positions for the user. However, it is crucial to note that users will still have the option to customize their trades because it is one of the best parts of using this platform. This level of customisation is very rare to come across in the crypto and forex space.

On the other hand, the traders who are interested in trading manually will have the option to input values every time to implement a trade. However, they will still be in the trading room which is another great feature provided by FXMasterBot. To make the platform more user-friendly, all these features have been integrated under the same roof.

Multiple Settings

There are multiple settings for each and every user which come free of charge. Novice traders can slowly experiment with each and every setting and align them in accordance with their profit requirements while professional traders can simply use these tools to make additional money. Interestingly, some of these major settings that FXMasterBot provides include setting stop loss and take profit limits, trade amount, signal strength, and choose to trade opposite of the FXMasterBot algorithm.

Moreover, FXMasterBot also has the option to impose daily stop loss limits and limit the number of trades placed daily with the help of the Max Daily Trades feature. In order to ingrain the concept of effective money management in the minds of its users, FXMasterBot also has a setting to restrict the maximum profit that one can make per day. Traders can also set the number of a maximum number of concurrent trades.

Deposits and Withdrawals

After registering yourself with FXMasterBot, you can instantly deposit money whilst also being able to play with $1,500 of virtual money to test the waters. Moreover, you can also easily withdraw the money as the platform has partnered with regulated brokers. Each user has to deposit a minimum of $250 on the trading bot to begin trading. There is also a free demo for the users of the platform which they can test before depositing their funds.

Users will have the option to choose 10+ brokers with whom they can deposit their funds and it is crucial to note that the brokers are a ‘mixed bag’ of licensed Forex or Cryptocurrency brokers and unlicensed brokers. Therefore, customers will have to decide which broker they want to be handling their money in accordance with their needs.

Multiple Accounts

FXMasterBot provides multiple types of accounts for its customers which will make it easier for them to decide what kind of strategy they would like to follow. This trading bot has multiple solutions to every users’ problems and provides the ability for full customisation to each one.

First is the novice account which requires a deposit of only $200 and for this account, the trader can have three currency pairs opened, i.e., they can manage three trades at once. Next comes the expert account which offers trading with multiple brokers and 9 currency pairs and also, there is no limit on the number of trades that one can executive. The minimum deposit is $500 while traders can also get partial access to many amazing features.

Finally, the master account will be available to those brokers which deposit money through two brokers of a minimum of $500. They get VIP customer support along with access to every setting and feature that the platform offers.


Some of the unique features of FXMasterBot are listed below:

Amazing Win Rate and No Cost

As mentioned above, the win rate percentage of FXMasterBot stands at around 90% which is considerably higher than weaker competitors present in the market. Out of 10 trades placed by the user, almost 9 trades are practically destined to win. Interestingly, for all of its features combined, the platform asks for zero fees and there are no hidden costs as well.

The only thing one has to make note of is that the minimum deposit to be made is $250 and this money will be used solely for trading activities, not for paying the costs associated with the bot.

Simple Interface

The trading platform is simple and easy to use and all the tools and settings are right around the corner for easy placement and accessibility. Traders will have the option to choose between manual and automated trading and provide a lot of customisation for the users. The deposit and withdrawal process and registration procedure are all also very user-friendly and streamlined.

Multiple Licensed Brokers

There are many licensed brokers supported by FXMasterBot and some of these are verified by regulatory bodies such as CySEC and ASIC. Some of these include 24option, iTrader, OTCapital, FPMarkets, and EuropeFX. Users can deposit and withdraw money 24/7 without any hassle using these licensed brokers.

The brokers mentioned above have thousands of customers and come under the regulatory purview and follow AML and other guidelines as well.

Free Demo

When a user registers on FXMasterBot, they will automatically have the option to set up a Demo Account. This money can be used to demo trades and experience the settings and other features present on the trading bot. This free demo account will be accessible for over five days and users can deposit money via registered brokers.


FXMasterBot is not promising investors that they can make millions of dollars within a single week from registering with the platform but it is also not hiding the fact that the platform has great potential and in the hands of the right person, huge money can be made.

Moreover, the profit that can be extracted from each trade depends upon a number of factors. There are no charges to use the settings and other features on the trading bot and no hidden fees are deducted during registration, withdrawal, or deposit of funds.

Payment Methods

FXMasterBot does not handle payments directly but is the responsibility of the broker for the same. Each broker can support dozens of payment methods including debit and credit card or PayPal. Therefore, users will need to select a broker according to their payment method and which method works well in their region.

Step-by-Step Guide

After you visit the official website of the platform, you will have the option to enter you details, i.e., your name, email, phone number, and select the country you live in.

fxmasterbot sign-up page

After FXMasterBot receives input of your name, mobile number, and email, you will be redirected directly to the trading platform which accepts all the major payment methods including MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc.

FXMasterBot payment methods

In order to deposit money, users can make use of any of the following payment methods like Visa card and other major platforms. For Indian users, Unified Payments Interface or UPI can also be used.

FXMasterBot payment methods

Additionally, withdrawals can be made easily by submitting a request on the platform and the representatives will process the request within 24 hours. Kindly note that non-working days might result in delays.

FXMasterBot dashboard

Customer Support

FXMasterBot’s customer support is available 24/7 and users can rely on the representatives on any hour of implementing a trading position. The users can chat directly with the help of live chat support and in the case the agents are not present, users can send an email directly and they will respond with a query.


The legislature for taxation of cryptocurrencies is different for all nations and any profit gained from FXMasterBot is also taxable as per your local laws. It is advised that you pay these taxes to avoid regulatory crackdown on your investments.


The platform is quite secure and ensures that no user data is lost through hacks and information breaches. It is crucial to note that there is a significant amount of security features placed to maintain the infrastructure of the platform and the algorithm of the bot has been created via the concept of machine learning.


Cryptocurrencies have been deemed legal in many countries around the world and some have even adopted them as legal tender. On the other hand, there is yet to be a country to ban crypto coins and as a result, crypto trading bots are also legal in these regions. FXMasterBot can therefore be considered legal.

Testing FXMasterBot

FXMasterBot has gone through our rigorous protocol wherein we test a crypto trading bot in terms of its security and other features. Additionally, we also test the algorithm of the platform and check if it can actually make profits at a rate of 90% winning traders. Following this process of verification, this trading bot has stood true to its word.


FXMasterBot has all the features necessary to allow users to make substantial money in a relatively shorter period of time. The platform is fully transparent of its capabilities and makes no mistake when it comes to its customisation abilities. This platform has high levels of customisation and users should make note of the fact that all this comes free of cost.

There are no hidden fees related to FXMasterBot and also, there is not a single bad testimony of this trading bot. While the platform won’t make you a millionaire in a week, with patience and a good strategy, you can make serious money using this automated trading bot.

With an impressive customer support and a wide variety of payment methods being accepted by FXMasterBot, the trading is top notch for novice traders as well as new ones. The users are advised to choose the type of account based on their abilities as FXMasterBot provides a lot of options when it comes to the type of account you can create.

Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.

FXMasterBot Review

FXMasterBot Review

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star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet Combines crypto and forex trading, enabling even complete beginners to quickly learn
  • list bullet The bot claims an average success rate of 89-90%
  • list bullet Supports more than 5 crypto pairs along with 17 forex pairs


  • list bullet A minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent is required
  • list bullet Risk contingency mechanism for forex trades is as not as elaborate as its crypto counterpart


Is FXMasterBot a Scam?

FXMasterBot is not a scam as per our analysis and it is clear from the efforts put by the creators in the customisation of the platform that this is one of the more profitable trading bots out there in the crypto space.

Are there any Hidden Fees Charged by FXMasterBot?

FXMasterBot does not charge any trading fees and it is crucial to note that the automated trading bot is completely free of cost, from registration to deposits and withdrawals.

Is FXMasterBot only for Professional Traders?

FXMasterBot is for all the forex and crypto traders who aim to take advantage of the automated algorithm of the trading bot. The platform offers different types of accounts for novice, occasional, and expert traders.