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Cryptosoft is one of the few bots programmed specifically to maximise profits from LItecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Libra and EOS trades

Cryptosoft Review6-min read

Parth Dubey

Parth Dubey |  Updated on 19/3/2023

The cryptocurrency industry is evolving at a rapid pace, having bestowed a sizeable advantage onto those who have entered it in early years as they stand to gain the most from trading digital assets. It is not, however, as simple for many as it may seem.

Since the cryptocurrency market is open around-the-clock, many people may not have the time or the necessary skills to devote their entire day to trading. As a result, for many it might seem intimidating to start trading cryptocurrencies now.

But they are unaware of a secret of the business which could give them an immense advantage, levelling the playing field and empowering even the most novice investors to quickly see some returns otherwise highly improbable from manual trading. . Interestingly, with a solid auto trading robot to employ, investors can make a lot of money trading cryptocurrencies right from the get-go, without having to do extensive and time-consuming research which would have been otherwise mandated only a few years ago.

With platforms like Cryptosoft, traders can diversify their portfolio across different asset classes, reducing uncertainties and maximizing profits. Their back-testing feature allows traders to test their strategies on previous market data, ensuring the highest accuracy possible. There is no human emotions involved while automated trading, reducing the risk of losses and increasing profit margins.

Cryptosoft is an automated crypto trading bot that claims to have helped tons of people around the world in implementing complex trading algorithms. With an easy-to-use interface, one just has to open an account, make a deposit, and Cryptosoft takes care of the rest.

In this review, we have covered every detail of our testing of Cryptosoft. We have taken Cryptosoft through our vigurous vetting process, testing it on its compliance, user-friendliness, fees, deposit and withdrawal conditions, its Customer Support team, the mechanisms it employs to keep your bankroll safe and avert high-risk trades, as well as the level of transperency it employs with its customers. We have carried out repeated tests over a period of six months in order to assign it an accuate rating.

What Is Cryptosoft?

Cryptosoft is a fully automated trading platform that has been professionally created to help both novice and experienced traders maximise their trading profits.

Cryptosoft, which claims to employ the latest innovations, trading algorithms, and artificial intelligence, clearly stands up to the users’ expectations. Performing automated trading on the users’ behalf, Cryptosoft has proven to be a highly profitable trading tool for many investors.

Having a Cryptosoft account is mostly advantageous for making trading as simple and effective as possible. Cryptosoft continuously analyses the cryptocurrency market using sophisticated mathematical algorithms. Using the data gathered, Cryptosoft uses artificial intelligence and develops careful, systematic trading strategies on the user’s behalf.

Cryptosoft logo

How Does Cryptosoft Work?

By creating the account and using Cryptosoft personally, we have carefully examined the trading bot’s operation over a period of six months. After putting its USPs and the technology which empowers it to the test, we have safely inferred that it is a smart trading system which can automatically pair cryptocurrencies with regular currency to take advantage of the most profitable opportunities available.

It is widely evident that the cryptocurrency market is subject to volatility and if not studied well, can expose you to significant risks. Therefore, in the times of extreme volatility, Cryptosoft, with its logical approach and fully computerised trading capabilities, helps users from preventing emotional or impulsive trading.

Here is how Cryptosoft works to design efficient trading strategies:

The trading platform’s fast trading system identifies low cost cryptocurrencies, which are purchased and then sold for a profit on the users’ behalf.

The latest market technologies used by cryptosoft have been in use by elite companies such as BlackRock and have only recently come to the attention of the general public. With a rise in the use of such algorithm-based bots, the profitability associated with Cryptosoft will gradually decrease. Because more and more people try to capitalise on similar platforms over time, the earlier a person uses Cryptosoft, the greater window they will have to profit with the system.


A number of noteworthy features make the Cryptosoft trading system stand out from other automated trading software available in the market. We have listed a few unique features that make Cryptosoft a great option to consider when starting your crypto trading journey.

User-Friendly Interface

The purpose of Cryptosoft’s design is to make your investment journey simpler, hence it has been created with the goal of being as user-friendly as possible.

A Wide and Diverse Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Whilst most other crypto trading bots are developed to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum or other major crypto tokens, Cryptosoft is one of the few to be market-sensitive in trading altcoins. It has actually garnered a reputation among crypto enthusiasts as “the altcoin bot” due to the unmatched ability to identify even the narrowest opportunities to generate substantial returns from new coin tokes,s shitcoins and altcoins. Over a longer period of time, this adds up to some considerable amounts, even during a bear market.

Place Trades Simultaneously

Due to the complex algorithm and artificial intelligence, Cryptosoft can execute many trades on your behalf at once. This is a useful function of the trading robot as it saves the user’s time.

Emotion-Free Trading

Since Cryptosoft is a fully computerised automated trading bot, there is no chance of human error or impulsive or emotional trading. Even the greatest hedge fund management firms are prone to human error, which is why the global investment elite have been almost exclusively relying on the market-predictive abilities of AI software ever since the technology first became available. BlackRock’s Aladdin has generated excessive levels of wealth for the company. Now, the technology is finally becoming available to the wider public, allowing those who take advantage of it early – before it becomes too mainstream – to yield the greatest profits. 

Demo Trading Account

This automated trading platform also has the excellent advantage of offering a demo trading account for users to practise trading on. Therefore, before making major financial commitments, beginners can become accustomed with auto trading.

Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptosoft offers exposure to a larger variety of cryptocurrencies ranging from the most well-known ones like Bitcoin to less common ones.

SSL Certified

Displaying greater transparency, Cryptosoft has teamed up with CySEC-licensed brokers to serve almost as an account manager, making sure all the transactions are legal and in compliance with the regulations to prevent legal issues.

Quick Deposits and Withdrawals

Cryptosoft offers a wide range of payment options to deposit and withdraw funds. A user can start making profit with the automated trading bot with a minimum deposit of $250 and a maximum limit of $15,000. On the other hand, Cryptosoft allows users to withdraw their funds within 24 hours of completing the withdrawal form.

Risk-Aversion Mechanisms Embedded Within

Once you have set your trading preferences and automate your crypto investments, after assigning a budget and aspirational targets, the bot will begin carrying out several trades every single second. However, it will inevitably encounter periods of high market volatility and drops. Fear not however for the robot features a risk-aversion mechanism which automatically stops all trades, even without your manual input, once periods of massive drops and high market uncertainty are identified. Thus, your money will always be safe, even with little to no interference from your end, rendering an ideal choice for new investors

Setting Up an Account: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

With a user-friendly interface, Cryptosoft takes not more than 20 minutes to sign up a new trading account. Here is the step-by-step tutorial for setting up your own Cryptosoft account.

1. Registration Form

To get started, go to the Cryptosoft website and complete the registration form with your basic information. As there is a verification process to ensure better safety, make sure you enter the correct information.

Cryptosoft sign-up

2. Make Your First Deposit

You must then make a deposit. To get your account up and running, Cryptosoft requires a minimum deposit of 250 USD or equivalent. Note that you will fund your initial trades using this minimum deposit.

3. Demo or Live Trade

After making the initial deposit, you will be given a demo account to practise automated trading tools and understand how the platform functions. You can switch to auto-trading with the trading bot and start gaining real profits once you are comfortable with the demo account.

Is Cryptosoft Safe?

Security, a top concern for many traders, is the factor on which trading bots are judged the most.

Cryptosoft has not yet been subjected to a hack or exploit that would have taken the users’ funds or caused any actual damage to their funds. This confirms that this automated trading bot is trustworthy and as secure as a bot can be.

The funds will be protected up till they are safely maintained with the third party broker as Cryptosoft employs a regulated third party broker to implement trades. Because the broker holds the user’s financial data rather than the Cryptosoft application, we recommend using the services of a trusted broker.

With that said, be advised that there are many fake copycats of Cryptosoft out there. The only way to make sure that you sign up for the legitimate Cryptosoft trading bot, you should access the Cryptosoft website from our own review. We only link to the legitimate sites after having scanned the entire SERP for all other fake sites impersonating this robot trader, attempting to lure in unsuspecting customers who are otherwise looking for the legitimate Cryptosoft brand.

Customer Support

When trading cryptocurrencies, there could be tons of issues due to which traders suffer on many platforms with mismanaged customer care. Cryptosoft provides a 24/7 customer support department to ensure users are never left alone. As per our experience, the team makes sure your automated trading bot works effectively for you.

Pricing Model

Despite the wide range of impressive features, Cryptosoft platform works on a no-fee policy. This means that the users would not be required to pay any fees for using the platform. The only requirement associated with using Cryptosoft is a minimum deposit of 250 USD, which also serves as your first invested amount and can be withdrawn anytime.

On a side note, Cryptosoft charges a small service fee from users while withdrawing their profits to their bank account.

Are Crypto Trading Bots Regulated?

The cryptocurrency market as a whole is not yet completely regulated across countries even though regulatory agencies around the world are working in this regard. Since the automated crypto trading bots are recently introduced to the wider public, there are many fake ones as they are still unregulated. Therefore, it is crucial for user safety to always check reliable review sites that thoroughly examine these robots before suggesting them.

Furthermore, if you want a hassle-free and easier experience, you must always choose a regulated broker. Because legislation is still pending however and there is little enforcement on compliance matters for these bots in the digital space, it is absolutely crucial for your own safety to always properly read our reviews and only access the robot traders from our own site, as we have linked to the legitimate version of the brand. There are sadly many fake sites out there, impersonating these legitimate sites, luring in customers who search for these robot brands on search engines instead of dedicated review sites.

Testing the Best Crypto Trading Bots

This Cryptosoft trading bot review was created following a lengthy, detailed, and extensive process that involved setting up accounts on the bot and using automated trading as a general user would do. We evaluate crypto trading bots based on a number of criteria, including compliance, fees, and withdrawal requirements. While there are risks involved, Cryptosoft delivers on its promises by making profitable trades at the right times.

In general, we test all bots which we review for the following:

Additionally, there are multiple fake crypto bots, thus we created the aforementioned approach to protect investors who are looking for the legitimate and reliable options out there.

Investing Responsibly

Due to the crypto market’s high volatility, it is suggested that users only invest money that they afford to lose. Although no bot is perfect, Cryptosoft is getting closer to perfection, thanks to its high success rate. However, always do your research before investing in the cryptocurrency market.


As per their countries’ regulatory requirements, the users should always pay taxes on the profits made using automated trading bots like Cryptosoft to avoid any compliance issues. Any crypto earnings will be taxed in lieu with local and national requirements.

Recent Updates

A recent analysis suggests that about 190 US banks are at risk of failure due to uninsured deposit withdrawals. Even if only half of uninsured depositors decide to withdraw, there could be a potential risk of $300 billion of insured deposits. This risk is due to factors such as losses, uninsured leverage, and extensive loan portfolios, as seen in the case of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.


CryptoSoft offers a reliable and user-friendly solution for those looking to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading. This software offers access to multiple top-tier brokerages, making it easy for traders of all experience levels to diversify their portfolios with crypto coins, stocks, Forex pairs, and more. Setting up an account is simple, and there are no registration fees, making it a risk-free, future-proof and beginner friendly option for crypto investing.

With greater success rates, a user-friendly interface, and a fantastic AI-powered algorithm becoming better at predicting the crypto market with each single trade carried out, Cryptosoft is unquestionably one of the best trading bots available today.

Cryptosoft users can access advanced trading tools using cutting-edge automated trading to spot profitable opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets. We believe that the expertise it offers about the volatile cryptocurrency market is valuable and may be leveraged to significantly increase the returns on one’s portfolio. We conclude this review on a generally positive note.

Crypto trading truly has gotten easy with automated trading bots, which is why this technology would definitely revolutionise the future of trading. Cryptosoft is testament to the very bright future of crypto trading that still lies ahead.

Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.

Cryptosoft Review

Cryptosoft Review

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  • list bullet 24/7 Support team and complete transperancy with all trades carried out by the bot in
  • list bullet One of the few bots to carry out trades in LItecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Libra and EOS, maximising profits from altcoins
  • list bullet Trading across a wide array of crypto markets to generate incrementally greater returns over the long-term


  • list bullet Requires a minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent
  • list bullet Does not have a separate mobile app


What is Cryptosoft?

Cryptosoft is a renowned crypto trading bot with a particular ability to yield profits from trading altcoins, in addition to trading major cryptocurrencies.

Is Cryptosoft safe?

Having tested the software for a period of six months and have carefully vetted it on all its terms and conditions, as well as its compliance with legislative requirements, we have determined that it is one of the most reliable on the market.

How much profit can I make with Cryptosoft?

Cryptosoft claims an 85% profit success rate on all trades carried out, though this is dependent on market conditions.

Is Cryptosoft legal?

Cryptosoft is run by a legitimate company that abides fully with all legal requirements.

What cryptocurrencies does Cryptosoft trade?

LItecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Libra and EOS, in addition to major and more established cryptocurrency tokens.