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A Complete Guide to Bitcoin Trading Bots7-min read

Fahad Asif

Fahad Asif |  Updated on 19/3/2023

Trading bots in the world of cryptocurrency are causing a major shift in finance and trading. They allow for automated trades, making it possible for anyone, regardless of their experience level, to engage in trading. The use of these platforms creates an enjoyable atmosphere, similar to a game, and provides the opportunity to increase earnings even when the market is unstable or experiencing a downturn. Using Bitcoin trading bots can be a practical approach for newbies interested in Bitcoin trading.

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms moving ever more from science-fiction to science-fact, the financial sector will have to adapt to ever more disruptive tools hitting the mass market. Algorithmic trading has been around for quite some time but it has, so far, been held in private by a small demographic of hedge fund elites. This is, luckily enough, no longer the case with commercial trading bots becoming open to the public for the first time ever.

This guide will teach you all you need to know about Bitcoin robot trading, its pros and cons and anything else you’d need to know to go from newbie to expert in the span of a single article. In summary, Bitcoin Bots are automated systems built on ML-empowered software used to make the trading of Bitcoin easier and faster without the need for human intervention. They can be seen as a subset of the broader category of automated crypto trading that focuses fully on using Bitcoin rather than altcoins. This, as one may imagine, comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages but has flourished into its own sector of the trading ecosystem.

Best Bitcoin Trading Bot Software for March 2023

The following Bitcoin trading bots listed below have been reviewed professionally and have been proven to generate significant profit within a matter of days. Moreover, they accept sign-ups from almost anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution Review

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star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet Claims to yield daily profits of up to 60%
  • list bullet Advertises leverage of up to 5,000:1 for trading CFD pairs involving cryptocurrencies
  • list bullet Handles multiple trades simultaneously


  • list bullet Takes a 2% commission on withdrawal but ONLY on earnings generated from its automated trading (no other fees)
Quantum AI Review

Quantum AI Review

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star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet Users can automate their stock, forex and commodities trading
  • list bullet Features integrated Data Analysis and Risk Assessment tools in order to avert high-risk trades.
  • list bullet Easy to navigate with a wide array of trading preferences its users can automate.


  • list bullet As it is mostly known for forex and stock trading, Quantum AI is limited to only three cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.
Bitcoin Code Review

Bitcoin Code Review

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star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet Registration and verification on Bitcoin Code is relatively quicker.
  • list bullet It offers a fast execution speed of 0.01 seconds and a 99.4% claimed success rate.
  • list bullet Supports instant withdrawals with zero fees, no trading fees or commissions. Pay only on profit.


  • list bullet Trading bot does not offer a mobile application.
  • list bullet It requires a minimum deposit of $250 to start using its services.
Bitcoin Prime Review

Bitcoin Prime Review

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star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet Higher success rate which translates into more potential profit across 14 different crypto markets.
  • list bullet User-friendly UI whilst also providing a demo version.
  • list bullet No hidden cost and a 24/5 support system combined with easy withdrawals.


  • list bullet Requires a minimum of $250 investment to start trading.
  • list bullet May present a difficult learning curve for newbies.
BitQT Review

BitQT Review

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star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet Offers stock, commodity, CFD and crypto trading (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and many more)
  • list bullet Renowned for its easy-to-use demo platform, allowing users to fully familiarise themselves with trading
  • list bullet BitQT offers up to 1000x leverage, allowing even beginners with small deposits to bet big on the market


  • list bullet Requires a minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent to activate your automated trading account
  • list bullet Analytics section could be improved to match the UI improvements of newer robot traders
Cryptosoft Review

Cryptosoft Review

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star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet 24/7 Support team and complete transperancy with all trades carried out by the bot in
  • list bullet One of the few bots to carry out trades in LItecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Libra and EOS, maximising profits from altcoins
  • list bullet Trading across a wide array of crypto markets to generate incrementally greater returns over the long-term


  • list bullet Requires a minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent
  • list bullet Does not have a separate mobile app
Immediate Edge Review

Immediate Edge Review

star-empty star-empty star-empty star-empty star-empty
star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet The platform offers a free demo account for its users.
  • list bullet Users can automated their trading preferences with just a few simple clicks.
  • list bullet Immediate Edge has a support team that is available 24/7 to serve its customers.


  • list bullet The only traded cryptocurrency on the platform is Bitcoin.
  • list bullet Only provides specific traders on the platform.
  • list bullet Does not have an app.
Oil Profit Review

Oil Profit Review

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star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet The most profitable oil trading bot on the market and one of the easiest to use for those new to stock trading.
  • list bullet Features a great demo account that quickly teaches those new to trading everything they need to know about oil and stock investments.
  • list bullet Make profits in times of economic volatility and gain real-time updates on all market developments.


  • list bullet Oil is a commodity that many are turning away from, given the ongoing climate emergency.
  • list bullet A minimum deposit of $250 or equivalent is required to automate your oil trades.
TeslaCoin Review

TeslaCoin Review

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star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full


  • list bullet Easy to navigate even for the complete beginners
  • list bullet No platform fees and fast, near-instant withdrawal times
  • list bullet One of the most comprehensive demo accounts


  • list bullet A minimal initial investment of $250
  • list bullet Users need to install the software after registration

In a new market, the ability to verify and independently prove the quality of service providers such as these bots is vital in protecting consumers from the myriad scams and bad actors present in the ecosystem. The examples of Bitcoin trading bots listed above are some of the best and most trustworthy bots as verified by both CoinBharat and several other independent auditors.

Trading bots, such as arbitrage bots, are able to consistently execute precise strategies and make trades in milliseconds, something that humans cannot do. Arbitrage bots specifically, are tools that scan prices across exchanges and take advantage of discrepancies. Python-based arbitrage trading bots have become increasingly popular in the crypto space. Take advantage of these tools and reap exponential benefits by investing in bitcoin through automated trading with crypto bots.

Bitcoin Prime – as an example – claims to have a 90% win rate and does not require a subscription. Beyond the win-rate, supported crypto CFDs by a bot like Bitcoin Prime stand at around 75 BTC CFD pairs. This means that the aforementioned Bitcoin bots have the potential to generate significant profits while allowing you to diversify by offering diverse trading options.

How To Trade with Bitcoin Bots

To trade with Bitcoin Bots, you can use any of the recommended bots listed above. We recommend using the links provided directly by CoinBharat as several online scams attempt to phish unwary investors using duplicate sites that claim to offer the same service or bot while actually embezzling either the funds provided or sensitive data that would be used maliciously.

Moving forward, we will be using Bitcoin Prime as our example and placeholder on how to begin trading with Bitcoin Bots.

How to Sign Up on a Bitcoin Bot Website

To sign up,

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your details, such as name, phone number, and email address.
  3. Click on Start Trading.
  4. To deposit money, log in and click on Deposit.
  5. Select your payment method and follow the prompt.
  6. To withdraw money, click on Withdrawal and follow the prompt.

What Are Bitcoin Trading Bots?

A Bitcoin trading bot is built on specifically-tailored software that uses artificial intelligence to trade Bitcoins. A Bitcoin bot operates just like a normal bot; an automated program that uses the internet to perform repetitive tasks informed by accessible data. Its primary role is to help crypto investors who cannot monitor Bitcoin trades manually. With a Bitcoin Bot, the interpretation and analysis of market analysis are automated, allowing the user to trade like a professional without having to delve into technical analysis or obsessively reviewing the latest strategies.

The parent technology used to create Bitcoin Bots is an automated trading system (ATS). Bitcoin trading bots use a subset of algorithmic trading where a computer program is used to generate orders to sell and buy Bitcoin. These bots are programmed to take care of the technical, mathematical computations, and advanced statistics required to sell and buy Bitcoin at the right time.

Since Bitcoin uses automated trading systems, it has to use a program linked to a direct access broker. A direct access broker is a form of a stockbroker that is focused on order execution and speed. Bitcoin bot technology has the capability to make hedge fund companies obsolete.

It is important to note that Bitcoin trading bots are composed of several different categories.

However, it is very important to note that the Bitcoin trading bot industry is still unregulated. This is why you need to do your research and read reviews from review sites to make the best decision. It is also important to note that Bitcoin bots are a highly technical tool, one should keep in mind that programming errors can easily mess up the efficiency and effectiveness of these bots.

Automated trading software has existed for a long time and a good example is BlackRock’s automated trading bot – Aladdin. This automated trading bot has made a lot of money for many big crypto investors and has contributed towards making Blackrock’s combined AUD be valued at 10 trillion USD

Fortunately, this automated trading software is now getting available to the general public. Despite its increasing availability, one still has to be careful about the trading bot they use. Trading bots recommended by review sites are a great option, as you get unbiased opinions about a Bitcoin robot. Here, you can still learn more about crypto trading bots.

In terms of Bitcoin bots, we heavily recommend the aforementioned bots and highly advice caution when googling for alternatives due to false duplicates and scams.

How Do Bitcoin Trading Robots Work?

In the process of trading, Bitcoin robots go through four main stages for a successful Bitcoin trade to occur:

Data Analysis
Bots need to gather the essential data, analyze them, and then use them for trading Bitcoin in a faster and smarter way then even some of the most experienced day traders.

Signal Generation
When a bot has successfully gathered and analyzed the data needed to make a successful trade, the next thing is for the bot to start identifying possible trades that could lead to the generation of a significant profit margin.

Risk Distribution
The risks here are simply the extent or the amount it invests while trading Bitcoin and how it invests. Advanced trading algorithms are normally trained using massive amounts of data to calculate how best to distribute risk along a very fine risk-reward ratio.

Once all the steps mentioned above have been carried out, the next step taken by the Bitcoin robot now buys or sells, depending on the signals generated.

How to make money with Bitcoin trading bots

The Future of Crypto Trading

The future of crypto trading is steadily but surely moving from manually-executed day traders and hedge funds to automated algorithms and ML-powered bots. This is due to the simple fact that the latter offer many advantages to those who use them. The crypto trading sector has gone from being operated by humans to being taken over by trading bots and for very good reason. Automated trading allows its users to automate a very technically-heavy and data-focused market to generate passive income and stress-less management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These bots do not get tired, make bad decisions under pressure or miss out on lucrative trades due to the need to sleep or eat. They are, quite literally, money making machines.

Big financial institutions such as eToro allow users to use different tools to trade Bitcoin. In addition to providing different tools, they also allow their users to follow and copy Bitcoin trades from expert traders. Other significant financial institutions that allow the use of tools and bots are NAGA, CoinRule, etc.

Now is the best time to use Bitcoin trading robots, as the sector might soon be regulated once it becomes mainstream. However, one still needs to be careful about the type of bots one uses while trading Bitcoin.

Market Disruptions

The use of bots has caused a lot of disruptions in the Bitcoin and general crypto market. These disruptions affect the Bitcoin market both in positive and negative ways depending on the specific interests of its users.

However, it is essential to point out that Bitcoin investors and the whole crypto market have benefited from bots. With the use of bots, both successful and struggling Bitcoin traders can easily have access to opportunities for financial gain and wealth creation. This leads to a more inclusive and healthy Bitcoin trading market. These bots have also augmented the liquidity of the markets, allowing more access to frictionless trading and opportunities for gain. This being said, this bots have also been used to manipulate the market by more unscrupulous actors.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Trading Bots



  • list bullet

    Trading Devoid of Emotions: A significant advantage of Bitcoin trading bots is that they offers emotionless trading, something humans cannot do.

  • list bullet

    Increased Level of Trading Speed: Another benefit of using trading bots is speed. They make millions of computations, analyses and decisions within seconds.

  • list bullet

    Consistency: So long as the code used in writing the software of a Bot is still active, it will always be consistent in the pattern and number of trades it makes for you.

  • list bullet

    Risk Management: Because the data is analyzed before making a trade, it manages risk very well compared to humans.


  • list bullet

    Mechanical Failure: Bots are still machines, and they can break down while trading your Bitcoin leading to massive losses.

  • list bullet

    Bad Performance: Depending on the Bitcoin Bot you are using, there might be subpar performance when a bots buys or sells your Bitcoin.

Generating Passive Income with Bitcoin Bots

Trading bots can also be a good option for making passive income, even if you have a small amount of capital.

To earn passive income with a trading bot, you only need a little capital, a trading strategy and the best Bitcoin robot to earn money passively. A bot normally already has trading indicators plus a technical analysis-based strategy programmed inside it.

Furthermore, this is probably the best time to invest in Bitcoin Bots to earn passive income, as the revenue generated might decrease significantly when the technology goes mainstream. As of now, trading bots are just like bitcoin in 2009. The industry has not gone mainstream making now the best time to get and use one.

How Profitable Are Bitcoin Bots

Using a legitimate and reviewed Bitcoin Bot is not only profitable, it is probably the only way to profit by trading Bitcoin given its transformation to a store-of-value.

This is so because Bitcoin Bots are not humans, so when the market price of Bitcoin is experiencing repercussions from a bear market, it is not affected by the panic and chaotic decision-making process so common in mediocre traders. A Bitcoin trading bot is built in such a way that it finds a means to exploit opportunities in the market to make a profit, regardless of the market conditions they find themselves operating in.

How To Choose The Best Bitcoin Bot

There are certain specific criteria to consider when choosing trading bots. They are:

Before choosing a bot, it is vital to explore its different settings, options and features.

Ensure that you read brands’ reviews from past bots’ users to determine their credibility.

Exchange Compatibility
A trading bot is not compatible with every exchange, so check if your Bitcoin trading bot is compatible with the exchange you want to use.

Choose the best bitcoin robot that suits your experience. Do not go for complex bots when you are still a beginner.

Best Bitcoin Bot For Beginners

The best Bitcoin robot for beginners allows them to make small deposits as they learn how to use the bot and their revenue increases in the long term.

Once a beginner learns how to make use of Bitcoin robots effectively, they can now move to more advanced and complex bots for their trading.

Bitcoin Prime

A world-renown Bitcoin bot which has been on the market since this technology was first made available to the public, Bitcoin Prime is the ideal choice for those new to Bitcoin investments. Its user-friendly interface and numerous updated pushed over the years to improve its USPs, make it a top choice for new and seasoned investors alike.

Bitcoin Prime logo

Bitcoin Code

If you are looking for a Bitcoin bot with a high success rate and an always friendly as well as helpful customer support team, Bitcoin Code might be the right choice for you.

Apart from Bitcoin, they also offer features appealing to users who are looking to buy Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Litecoin (LTC) and even those who are more interested in stablecoins and are looking to buy Tether (USDT). It will then identify the ideal the time by the millisecond to sell or purchase more, with a proven track record of maximising profits for so many of its users.

bitcoin code

Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge functions on Distributed Ledger Technology, allowing users to monitor all its transactions in real-time, as they are happening. Because of this novel feature and alluring USP, it has risen to prominence in recent years and made the headlines for its unmatched transparency, which also enables its users to identify strategic trading patterns for themselves and thus improve their own understanding of what would otherwise be a very volatile and confusing Bitcoin market. Immediate Edge creates order out of chaos and – as such – has garnered a positive reputation of generating much wealth for its users.

Immediate Edge logo


Are Bitcoin Bots Safe?

There are Bitcoin trading bots for those who are just beginners in the crypto trading space and others specifically geared for those who are more experienced in crypto trading. In the trading bot market, quite a significant number of bots are reputable and effective in their functions.

This being said, there are also Bitcoin trading bots sold by scammers to defraud people of their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A simple google search will reveal multiple duplicate sites of popular bots, fake bots promising unrealistic gains and bad actors just waiting to take your data through ransomware or phishing. Therefore, we heavily recommend using the links provided through our site which have been verified to belong to the official service providers.

Are Bitcoin Bots Legal?

The Bitcoin Bot marker is still unregulated with this being a very important reason why you need to do your research before using any Bitcoin Bot. As a silver lining, this also means that the market is still young and that early adopters of Bitcoin bots will have a powerful edge over their competitors, letting them gain significant profits while others are still catching up.

Review sites provide unbiased opinions and feedback about Bot you may be interested in investing in, helping you ensure your safety by choosing the best one for you.

Testing the Best Bitcoin Bot Software

We have an extensive vetting system and use all the services provided by each bot we recommend before referring them to the public. We open an account with each trading bot we recommend, trade Bitcoin with them, and withdraw profits before recommending them to people. We also ensure that T&Cs, privacy, and user safety policies favour users.

The following are examples of the factors which determine the ratings by which we assign to every robot that we review:

How To Distinguish Legit Bitcoin Bots From Scam Bots

The primary way to determine whether a Bitcoin Bot is legit or a fake bot sold by scammers is by reading reviews on review sites.

Review sites often bring you unbiased and impartial opinions of people who have used Bitcoin trading bots in the past.

Considering that the market is unregulated and that even established billion-dollar brokers could prove unreliable – such as FTX – it is crucial for your own safety to always read the reviews on our site before choosing a Bitcoin trading bot to deposit with. The returns could be enormous but so are the risks if the matter is not thoroughly researched before-hand. We carry out all the necessary due diligence through the checks we carry out specifically to ensure the safety of our readers, empowering you to only spend your hard-earned money on authentic products genuinely employing this innovative technology, avoiding all the many scams or less reliable versions flooding the market.

It is sometimes difficult to even distinguish a genuine brand from a fake duplicate as – unfortunately – this unregulated market is still brimming with them. All the Bitcoin trading bots which we link to have been carefully vetted and verified. These are the official and legitimate versions of these products. Without reading the reviews and simply carrying out research on your own with no reference or starting point, there is always the risk of stumbling upon fake versions of the same brands. Choose from our lists to ensure you gain access to the real versions of these products.

Investing Responsibly

As you prepare to invest in Bitcoin Bots, make sure you invest what you can afford to lose.

Also, one needs to do personal research to ensure that you don’t use a fake or scam Bitcoin Bot.

Read the reviews of a trading bot before using it and try to monitor each transaction made while a trading bot is functioning. This will help you to detect any abnormal transactions.

Latest Updates

Former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan has accepted a million-dollar bet from James Medlock, who challenged him on Twitter to wager $1 million that the United States would not experience hyperinflation. Srinivasan, known for his bullish stance on Bitcoin, predicted that the price of Bitcoin would surge to $1 million within the next 90 days. He put up a million dollars of his own money to back up his forecast. This high-stakes bet highlights the growing interest in cryptocurrencies as investment assets and the potential for significant gains in this emerging asset class.


Bitcoin Bots is an automated trading system that uses pre-determined rules to sell and buy Bitcoin to make a profit.

The following above describes everything you need to know about Bitcoin bits, its pros and cons, how to make passive income with it, and other things.

Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.


What is a Bitcoin bot?

Bitcoin Bot is a subset of automated trading systems used to sell and buy Bitcoin.

Are Bitcoin robots safe?

Bitcoin robot trading is a safe method of trading Bitcoin, so long as you use legitimate bots.

How profitable are Bitcoin trading bots

Using the best Bitcoin robot can be very profitable and is an excellent way to make passive income.

What are the best Bitcoin trading bots?

Some of the best Bitcoin robots have been listed above, such as Bitcoin Prime, BitQt, etc.

How does Bitcoin trading bot software work

Bitcoin robots make use of data and technical analysis to make a profit while buying and selling Bitcoin.

How to choose the best Bitcoin bot

Recommendations from review sites are one of the best ways to choose the right Bitcoin trading bot for yourself.